Need a Wireless Router but I'm bad with choosing them.

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I'm very bad with choosing and fixing wireless routers. The extent of my knowledge is "turn it off and on" and "call for support." I have had bad experiences all around with fighting with these devices.

In a previous thread I expressed fighting with that Netgear Dual Band, and am thinking of replacing it. I know about all the devices in the house that use it, but I don't know what products are going to suit my family's needs the most.

1. Two to three laptops (me and my sister, and my brother when he vists), and one Desktop (mother) have a Wireless G connection.
2. My first nice desktop has a Wireless N adapter to connect to the device from a garage-room, far away from the current router.
3. A Ps3 connects wirelessly in the garage, but it mostly collects dust these days. An Xbox connects either wireless-N or directly wired for better performance.
4. Obviously these things are not all on at the same time
5. We use an internet-phone to save money. This means when the internet goes out, we lose the house phone.
6. I'm moving away to active duty soon, and wont be there to fix the family intertubes, so I'm looking for reliability. It seems that all the router makers turned into assholes at the same time, charging for technical support and such. We might favor anyone who doesn't do that...if that still exists.

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