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Mental health in Seattle

KamarKamar Registered User regular
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So, I'm getting on a plane to Seattle in about 26 hours. I have a decent amount of my current lamotrigine prescription, so I'm set for a while, but I need to find a good mental health place for someone broke as hell with no insurance (I won't be broke as hell after December, but that's December. Until then, I will have food and housing money and not much else.) sorta soonish. My paperwork with my current clinic is set and waiting for me to tell them who to forward stuff to, so that's handled.

I've got diagnosed and treated bipolar disorder, and ADD but my doctor here wouldn't treat me because there was a gap in my treatment from 13 to now (I'm 22, and convinced my parents back then the medicine was holding me back...I guess I liked being a fucking spaz that couldn't get shit done? I'm sick of it now).

I'm not sure where exactly I'll be settling down in Seattle. For the next few weeks I'll be staying with friends in Greenwood, but I'll probably end up settling somewhere around the University District.

I don't mind mandatory counseling or anything, as long as I'm not getting reamed for obviously-unnecessary weekly checkups or something.

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    That_Spoony_BardThat_Spoony_Bard Registered User regular
    I'd contact either Sound Mental Health or Community Psychiatric Clinic and ask them for advice specific to your situation. Typically, most of their consumers are on state funding, so that's how their med services are covered. Also, in my experience, new client appointments are booked 3-6 weeks out for med management (I work in a mental health clinic in the next county, YMMV in King County).

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