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Recently having some keyboard trouble. I use a mechnical USB noppoo choc mini. It's a chinese manufacturer but they make really nice boards, its worked great up until recently. Now my computer is kind of in the process of turning to shit, I'm on a HP laptop that is about 2.5 years old and I'm building a new cpu to replace this shortly.

The keyboard fails to reliably be detected by USB. Sometimes it is plugged in and not detected or responsive at all. Sometimes it works fine (which is becoming what seems increasingly rare.). Sometimes the LED keys illuminate (caps lock, scroll, etc.) but the keyboard is not responsive or detected.
Occasionally the noise for a USB connection comes through when the keyboard is plugged in, but seemingly at random with regard to the above scenarios.

Now finding specific help is quite hard from the manufacturer. It kind of seems like a driver issue, like it may have become recently corrupted, but I am having trouble finding an appropriate update. All the free driver type scanners available only detect, my laptop keyboard, and a couple other random keyboard titles under the control panel->keyboards section. (full list: standard 101/102-key, microsoft ehome remote control keyboard keys, microsoft ehome MCIR keyboard, microsoft ehome MCIR 109 keyboard)

This may be related to larger issue with this dying laptop. That is sometimes, ANYTHING connected to it, will not re-connect properly. If you unplug headphones while using a youtube video on chrome, you must close chrome on reconnecting the headphones to get any sound. If you unplug the AC adapter it won't work unless the CPU is shutdown and AC is reconnected.

Any clue?

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    first step is to test the keyboard on another computer somewhere. Take it to work or the public library and try it there.

    Then you know which thing is not working properly.

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