New video card causing audio havoc!

powersurgepowersurge Registered User regular
I just recently was forced to replace my 8800gtx with a brand spankin new GTX 560ti and its causing me all sorts of audio issues. The hdmi audio works fine but the problem is I want to disable it so I can keep using my onboard audio (I've got some stuff hooked up to line in etc..).

I've tried disabling it in the nvidia control panel, making sure my bios didn't switch onboard audio off, disabling the hdmi audio in the windows control panel, and I even uninstalled both my video and audio drivers and reinstalled them (nvidia driver first without hdmi audio driver then audio but windows keeps finding and reinstalling the nvidia hdmi driver). But for whatever reason even if the nvidia hdmi audio is shown as disabled and my onboard is enable the audio won't come through over the onboard ports.

I know there's nothing wrong hardware wise because the onboard audio worked fine before I swapped the video cards so clearly its a driver or setting conflict I just can't seem to figure it out. Any ideas PA?

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    StormwatcherStormwatcher Blegh BlughRegistered User regular
    Did you go into the audio properties and check if the onboard audio is set as default?

    right click the soundspeaker icon at the system tray, pick playback devices and take a look at what's there.

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    powersurgepowersurge Registered User regular
    Yeppers one of the first things I checked but still no sound. I can get audio from the video card but then my onboard ports (line in etc..) don't work.

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