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Getting back in to 40k...paint suggestions?

KatoKato Registered User regular
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I used to play 40k back in the late 80's and early 90's. I still have 75% of my old miniatures and I recently uncovered them in a few boxes while digging out some old Christmas decor. My kids saw them and one of them in particular has taken an instant love to the game...especially after watching me play so much Space Marine on the PS3. He found a bunch of my old pieces and marines/orks that have not been painted yet and he wants to paint them and finish putting a few of them together. I think Santa is going to be bringing him the Assault on Black Reach Starter kit and I am going to get the Battleforce boxed set. That should be a great start for us to work with and start learning the basics of the game and hobby.

I am guessing that all of my old marines and orks can still be used in the current rules?

The rules were already a little complicated back when I much further have they come along? I am guessing that they have changed quite a bit from then.

I am really looking for some suggestions on paint. I want to buy a bunch of paint. I remember buying the citadel paint sets and stuff from the local hobby shop (don't have one of those in my town anymore so I would have to order those online) and while the colors were great, you could barely get through a single squad before you were out of a few key colors and had to buy more. I'd like to buy something that will last a little longer for the money when it comes to paints.

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  • superhappypandasuperhappypanda Zug Island Sport Fishing SeattleRegistered User regular
    Hey Kato,

    I recommend checking out the Vallejo Game Color line. Their paints are in a dropper bottle so you're able to regulate how much paint you're using each time and as long as you keep the tops on, they'll keep for a good long time. I've also heard that their Model Air line is great for metallics but I haven't tried them yet.

    These days most stores that sell GW or Privateer Press stuff will carry some of the Model Paint colors, but you can also find them online at places like

  • AsherAsher Registered User regular
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    For the most part, old models can still be used. You might find a few fellows have neded up with combos of weapons or wargear that are now illegal, but should be the worst of your problems. If you want to chat about 40k in general or painting, drop into the 40k thread or the painting thread where people will be happy to help you in pretty much whatever way you need. Yeah, the rules have changed heaps. I imagine that you started back in the Rogue Trader/2nd ed era. The rules are now up to 5th edition and have been streamlined to a massive degree. You should find it pretty easy to pick up the basics of the rules.

    Paint wise, the Citadel paints are pretty good in general and the Foundations and Washes are particularly good. The P3 range is good as is Vallejo. IT terms of longevity, the non-citadel ranges usually have slightly more paint in them and I've found that both the P3 and Vallejo bottles are better designed and seal better. The Vallejo dropper bottles are really good.

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  • DraevenDraeven Registered User regular
    If its been a while since you actualy painted I would suggest trying out citadel, P3, and vallejo, get a sampeling of all three and see wich ones you prefer. Since i have a pile of old GW paints i mainly use those but have picked up some p3 paints recently and have found them to be just as good if not better, though their metals leave a bit to be desired though i have found Cold steel is an excellent base for for most metals.

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