[BUG] CSS Issue with Avatars and Jailed Users in PMs (Conversations)

SeguerSeguer of the VoidSydney, AustraliaRegistered User regular
In the main list of Conversations (messages/all) if someone is jailed the jailed icon is offset from their avatar incorrectly, such that it overlaps their name.

Culprit is in file themes/pennyarcade/design/custom.css?v=1.0.10 (line 1173)
.Photo .JailedIcon {
    left: -34px;

(this needs to be more specific to not happen on the Conversations page)

Note: there is a similar issue when actually viewing a Conversation with a jailed person as well. The above issue has the jailed icon over to the right, when in the conversation the jailed icon is to the left.

Operating System: Windows
Browser: Firefox 8.0
Default theme

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