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browser based alternatives to maptools or openrpg?

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  • Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User regular
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    Screenmonkey, but it's not free (I think there's a Lite version that is free, but you can't save/restore scenarios). You run a server, and people connect to it through their browser. It HATES large file sizes (it was a constant battle to keep the icons and maps to a minimum), but if you keep your icons small and your maps with low detail and highly compressed, it works okay.

    Maptools is still better. The freedom to drag and drop any picture into the game as an icon and the built-in macro scripting/dice roller heavily outweigh the disadvantages of downloading a separate program. I've tried over a dozen virtual whiteboard program for my online PnP games over the past decade or so, and Maptools still remains the best.

    EDIT: Gah! There are multiple Screenmonkey names out there. Use the NBOS one here:

    And seriously consider using Maptools instead.

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  • INeedNoSaltINeedNoSalt with blood on my teeth Registered User regular
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