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Electrolux Icon appliances

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We're looking at new appliances for when we move in to our new condo in July and became really interested in the Electrolux Icon line of appliances (Double-door fridge, 30" induction cook-top, wall oven and dishwasher). We fell for them primarily for their sharp european design, as well as the fact that Electrolux bought Frigidaire, who seem to be making products of good quality.

Now with such an expense, I'm trying to research as much as possible about the brand, including defects, inconveniences and overlooks, etc (especially with induction technology). What little I've found so far is positive (except for a single user having issues with the dishwasher not washing at all, which is something I would expect is exceptionnally rare for a defect of this magnitude, but I will keep in mind).

Maybe someone can direct me to a site where people describe their experiences with their appliances.

Also if anybody has personal first and second hand experience about the brand if would be appreciated.

Induction range:
Wall oven:


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