Are you fluent in Italian and live in the UK ?

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Funny story - I finally got around to ordering this for myself for Xmas -


Only for it to arrive and realise, after a few seconds browsing (embarrassingly), that it's the Italian edition.

I bought it from Amazon, but due to the massive size of the box, combined with my extreme laziness, I can't be bothered returning it.

So, if you (a) Like Warren Ellis' Planetary, but don't have it already, (b) can read Italian and (c) live in the UK, I will happily send it to you, free of charge.

If you fit b and c, but have never read it, I can recommend it, as it's a fantastic series.

It's the oversized edition, so is about 50% bigger than normal trade paperbacks. And it's the first half of the series, so you'll have to get the second part yourself.

First person to PM me with contact info can have it.

If no-one in the UK wants it, I'll open in up to Italy residents.

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