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Why is my house gone from so many maps/gps?

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Just a few months ago I'd use Google Maps quite a bit. It would show my street in a picture and everything.
Now recently it's gone from Google Maps, why?

There is even a kid that lives with us who is in a band, he travels a lot and uses his phones GPS.
Recently he discovered our address won't show up there either.

I'll post my address if it's requested/required. But there has to be some factor at play her. What the hell?

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    Depending upon your city/municipality/country there might have been a disclosure agreement with google to allow your community to be posted to their system that expired/changed. There could have also been a request to remove your community from their map making system.

    So, lots of reasons.

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    Hmm I see, I just figured (since Google went all over the whole damn country) that roads and what not were some form of public domain.

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