I guess I'm psychic.

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So, my roommate put a deck of tarot cards in front of me and asked me to do a reading on him. Now, I've never seen Ms. Cleo in action, nor have I ever owned my own tarot cards, nor do I really know how they work. But he had a little booklet with meanings, and I figure what the hell, why not.

Turns out, according to him, I actually gave a pretty good reading. He said a lot of the cards and connections I was drawing made sense.

And so I ask you, SE++: Do any of you believe in this stuff? Does anyone do tarot readings? Or do you all think it's a bunch of hokey, vague ramblings that can be attributed to any situation? Hell, maybe that's the point. How about other forms of spirituality? Meditating, chakras, incense, yoga, what have you. Anyone have any stories?

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