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Jeckal's Typo-palooza

JeckalHydeJeckalHyde regular
edited April 2013 in Artist's Corner
So after doing CyberMonkeys Secret Santa, I continued on and made presents for my family using their first name initial.
I should probably say that they are gouache paints and coloured ink.

JeckalHyde on


  • MagicToasterMagicToaster Japan regular
    I like these, but especially the 2nd one, the lone uppercase N.

    Also, the title of this thread should have been "You're just my type (face)"

  • Nice job, Jeck.

  • squidbunnysquidbunny regular
    edited January 2012
    Hopefully #4's recipient isn't color blind and hoping to fly jets when s/he grows up and this gift didn't send him him/her, screaming, out of the van and into the desert.

    (These are nifty.)

    squidbunny on
  • I like the first four, but the next four feel a lot less complete.

  • Thanks everyone for you comments, i think my family liked them as handmade stuff is always good to get.
    I think my dad probably thinks im on something from all the colours and stuff, oh well.
    But yeah Wasser I spent the week before xmas doing all the bigger ones, all the coloured ones and considering they were so intricate and complicated it took a while,
    and the last 4 only took half the time, and were more like an experimental present for practise with medium, the fact that the background wasnt coloured might also contribute

  • Agreed about the last 4. I wasn't sure who did Cyber's present, but now I do, and I'm a big BIG fan! You have a way with letters. MORE

  • I'm terrible at lettering and I think these are pretty awesome, so the only critique I have is about using the wrong "you're" in the thread title.

    But for real, post more :D

  • I adore this one.


    All kinds of awesome.

  • Im thinking that maybe I should try to make a logo for myself out of type of course.
    Or just doing some type for someone else, any takers?

  • Damn I love these, I'd hang them on my wall. I mean not where people could see them don't get all hasty.

    Don't do nothing for nobody JeckalHyde, make a logo! An obvious thought for your logo is it should be pretty on one side and grow into an abomination.

  • I really like the first one a lot. The Colors and design are just really darn good. I would definitely consider making yourself a logo.

  • I thought i would look about throught my pile of drawing and the like for logos ive previously done for myself and such,
    this is what i found.


  • ok i just started drawing today and i came up with this, i am inkwashing it with shades of grey and might colour it in photoshop

  • heres the point that i got to and could decide what to do.

  • Hey J, again really liking the diamond one.

    Love to see more really-colourful pieces from you though, those are awesome.

  • JeckalHydeJeckalHyde regular
    edited January 2012
    I had drawn this last week and recently watched a livestream from Scott C. of the great showdowns etc.
    So I had a go with watercolours and this is what happened.
    Its some sort of lumberjack coat of arms tattoo.


    JeckalHyde on
  • that is something I think is rad

  • JeckalHydeJeckalHyde regular
    edited February 2012
    Thanks earthy, here are some doodles of logo ideas.

    Oh and a random H/14, its meant to be 14 as a doodle.

    JeckalHyde on
  • These all seem too complex to work as logo's to me.
    You need to simplify more. It's the first rule of logos, if you can do it with less; you should.

  • Yeah dont really want to make a logo anyhow, well for myself.
    I was trying to put handrawn type to use somehow.
    Any suggestions?

  • Random try at colouring in Photoshop.
    I feel like the diamond part needs a texture or something to make it diamond-isk.

  • JeckalHydeJeckalHyde regular
    edited February 2012
    Planning on doing something like this with a bigger circle, fitting more S's in, but having them
    more similar style so i can then give a ribbon/banner effect to them, and getting to overlap, intersect etc
    and look like general mess.

    JeckalHyde on
  • Ok so i need some advice or opinions, on what i could do to make this better, from the above image in other post
    this thing has developed to more ribbon like.
    Anyway this is a wedding present for my friend etc, Steven and Steph.
    So I started with S' for there names and thought a nice circle would do.
    Then a friend said it like look a bit flat (referncing above image)
    In and shading it bacame apparent that it looked like ribbon so I have gone from there.
    This is the giant canvas I have.
    The shading test
    and what I intend to actually make it look like.

  • NicNic regular
    edited February 2012
    Because your stuff is the coolest, I busted this out. I should have used a ruler, and it probably would have made more sense in hindsight to leave "Jeckal" white, to contrast the two words, but here you go!

    Edit: as for what you could do to improve the design, as much as I like the idea of tonal differences, I think it might be more effective as a design using just flat colours. Crisp edges and solid shapes would do the design justice, I think.

    Nic on
  • Ok update time, went back to drawing board and pulled out this,
    it now reads "s&s" etc.

  • I probably would not notice the S&S without it being pointed out to me, Im not sure if that quality is necessarily important though. Its nice to look at, for sure. How are you going to handle the background? just clean and white?

  • yeah well i was going for that, in it being there and not being seen or if someones smart enough to see it, hehe.
    But yeah it will be on an off white background like a cream/gold mix.

  • quick colour mockup in PS

  • So I havent updated for awhile so here is an update on painting.

  • Another quick update.

  • looks neat so far

  • That's coming out pretty clear, I like the poster-like quality.

    Steam: Cilantr0
    3DS: 0447-9966-6178
  • I have to say that it look even better in real life, as the highlights look much better

  • I would wear a shirt with that on it. Like a white shirt with that on the chest. Can't wait to see it complete!

  • JeckalHydeJeckalHyde regular
    edited April 2012
    a quick update whit a poo photo

    JeckalHyde on
  • Ive been randomly drawing alot of word illustration doodles whatever, and liked the idea of a rosey rose
    and here is a gouache tester i did also.


  • Supernatural tv show quote done for a friend's birthday.


  • PierceNeckPierceNeck Simi Valley, CA regular
    Are you going to light your friend on fire immediately after giving this to them?

    Origin: PierceNeck
  • with a molotov, no.
    with candles there is a high chance.
    anyway it would be end of friendship if i did lol

  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King Denvemolorado regular
    Your typography is constantly improving leaps and bounds man, good job I say!

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