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Iphone, Ipad or Android?

pushfighterpushfighter President at Brettco, Inc.Willard, MORegistered User regular
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Which device do like the best for playing games? I need to buy one. Thanks.

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  • MorranMorran Registered User regular
    Hi. Beeing a Android user, and much, much prefering Android over iOS as a operation system, I must still say that iOS is much better for gaming at the moment. The iOS echo system of games is much, much larger than the Android one. As for iPad or iPhone, I can see no drawbacks with getting the device with larger screen, since you can run all the iPhone applications both as original "screen size", and upscaled to use the whole iPad screen.

  • SaraLunaSaraLuna Registered User regular
    are you buying a device exclusively for playing games? then I'd say an ipad would be the best bet.

    or are you looking for a device to use generally, & you want to play games on the side?
    If you're wanting a tablet, I'd say the ipad is a clear winner over android tablets unless cost is an issue.

    if you're looking for a phone, then it depends on how you'd use it. I've been using a nexus s for about 5 months now & I still miss my iphone dearly. android does some things better, and many things slightly worse than ios in my opinion. It's much better on the modding/homebrew/customization front, so that might be a deciding factor if you're into that stuff.
    Obviously the apple app store is much larger & more robust than the android store, but at least 80-90% of AAA (phone) titles are on both.

  • pushfighterpushfighter President at Brettco, Inc. Willard, MORegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    I'm mainly looking for a way to play a game. I already have a phone (but it's not an iphone). I'm pretty low tech, and I have a lot to learn. Thanks.

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  • cloudeaglecloudeagle Registered User regular
    iPad, then.

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  • SaraLunaSaraLuna Registered User regular
    actually, can't you buy a kindle fire AND a 3DS for about the price of an ipad?
    that's what I'd do if I had money to burn

  • pushfighterpushfighter President at Brettco, Inc. Willard, MORegistered User regular
    edited January 2012
    Those sound like great suggestions. Now I'll have to do some research, so I can learn about the products you mentioned. I wasn't kidding when I said I am low tech.

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  • captainkcaptaink TexasRegistered User regular
    Ipad/iPod/iPhone have the most apps and games.

  • PolloDiabloPolloDiablo Registered User regular
    I'd say the ipad is the best for games, but if you're only using it for games I wouldn't bother.

  • AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    General Android thread.

    General iPad thread.

    General iPhone/iPod thread.

    When I was looking into a phone/tablet/whatever, I consulted these threads and came to my decisions.

    Truth of the matter is that you pretty much get what you pay for. iOS is more established, has more publishers, but seems more expensive all around. Android is newer, hardware varies almost as much as the PC industry, and gaming hasn't developed to the same level.

    I fully agree with the sentiment that these are NOT gaming machines first. They are machines that can play games. If you are looking for something to pull out for a couple minutes on public transportation or over lunch, they are perfect (especially with video streaming and other services). If you are looking for something designed from the ground up for gaming, I'd go DS/3DS/PSP/Vita.

    In each of those three threads, as well as the Windows Phone 7 thread, there are tons of owners of the products who can give you the pluses/minuses of each product. They really need to be evaluated as a whole.

    With that being said, if you have $282+tax, get a Kindle Fire. They really do rock, even if they are midgrade on power.

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  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
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    This really isn't the place to ask for recommendations. I suggest either the Technology Tavern or Help & Advice if you still want more advice.

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