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Header Font Bug

HakunaWanadaHakunaWanada Registered User new member
When viewed with "www." in front of, the headers appear in a Helvetica type font. When viewed without the "www.", which is what the pages links are tied to, the headers appear in Rockwell. Happens on both Comic and News pages.

HakunaWanada on


  • EsseeEssee The pinkest of hair. Victoria, BCRegistered User regular
    Hmm, I think I can confirm this... It may conceivably be something to do with scripts, because I couldn't see any difference at first (using Noscript)... but when I temporarily allowed scripts for the base domain while I was on the non-"www." version, the headers suddenly changed to Rockwell. Nothing changes when I allow the same scripts on the "www." version. So perhaps the script that changes the font isn't present on that version? This is just a guess from what I happened to notice as I was checking this out... I could be off-base.

    If this is browser-specific, I'm using the latest version of SeaMonkey (so effectively the latest version of Firefox).

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