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The Arkham Tapes - Radio Drama Set in the DC Universe

Double_ChrisDouble_Chris Registered User
edited January 2012 in Artist's Corner
I had the idea for this floating around my head for a long time, and eventually it ended up as a script for a kind of radio drama. The basic story is about a doctor interviewing the villains interred at Arkham Asylum with the goal of determining their mental status and whether they might be eligible for rehabilitation or eventual release.

I know the voice acting isn't the greatest, particularly in the doctor, but I've spoken to him about it and it's something we plan to work on in future episodes. The script and production was all done by myself, the voice actors are from an amateur voice acting forum.

I'd love some feedback and criticism of the whole thing, both the production as a whole and especially on the script itself.

We are human, after all. Flesh Uncovered, after all.
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  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    In the manner of speech of my youth, YOU WHAT SON?

    This is a brilliant idea, and the voice of the doctor is actually really quite good.

  • Double_ChrisDouble_Chris Registered User
    I thought he did a great job acting-wise, but we both felt he should have sounded a little older, maybe more authoritative, like he feels he is in charge of the situation.

    Glad you like the idea! I thought it seemed like a good enough idea to explore.

    We are human, after all. Flesh Uncovered, after all.
  • Endless_SerpentsEndless_Serpents Registered User regular
    Depending on whether you want to slip a bit of story in, you could always say that not only was it episode one, it was his first time with an Arkham inmate.

    You could have the character in the next tape be all like, "What? You been here three weeks an' you talking to me like this?", um, if it was Killer Croc perhaps.

    Then as the Doctor's actor gets into the role, you could allude to him having been there for a few years.

    Something like that anyway.

  • Double_ChrisDouble_Chris Registered User
    That's a very good idea, actually, having the next character allude to his "newness".

    As for the future of the doc, well, I've got something planned for that.

    We are human, after all. Flesh Uncovered, after all.
  • HeartlashHeartlash Registered User regular
    This is cool and I commend you for taking it from concept to fruition.

    A few comments:

    The pen scratching sound could be put to better use. Right now you have it randomized throughout the clip. Instead, I'd save it for key moments where they doctor would legitimately be inclined to write something down. You also have the potential to use it as a plot device, and have the interviewee react to his writing in some interesting way.

    I agree with the idea of making the doctor sound more authoritative; not just from an acting standpoint, but from a writing standpoint as well. He sounds a little too argumentative and morally outraged, like if you placed a regular person in there. His role makes more sense as an observer, one who asks questions, extracts information, and keeps his opinions to himself. When he argues with the Mad Hatter about how he must understand what he did to Alice was wrong, it doesn't feel framed properly. He should be much more interested in hearing the Mad Hatter's opinion than expressing his own.

    He should be asking, "Do YOU think it's wrong?" as opposed to saying "It was wrong! Surly you must know that!"

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  • Double_ChrisDouble_Chris Registered User
    In regards to the pen scratching, you are absolutely right. I threw the sound effect in at the last minute, as it sounded too blank without something in there, and regrettably I just kind of threw it in at random half assed.

    As far as the doc, my intention was to imply that he was still very new, so he might be inclined to let personal morals get in the way of appearing "neutral". Instead, like you said, it ended up seeming like he was just a guy. I think, in the beginning of the next episode, I'm going to have a superior have a word with him about how this interview went, and mention something like that.

    We are human, after all. Flesh Uncovered, after all.
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