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[WoW] [Knights of Arcadia] Alliance Guild Dark Iron US - Original PA Guild!

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Greetings! I'm Findail, Guild Leader of Knights of Arcadia.

KoA is one of the original guilds of the Penny Arcade Alliance, and we are still going strong! I'm posting here to let my fellow PA fans that still play WoW know we not only exist, but we are excelling. We are a very large guild with a long history on the server. In Cataclysm we got realm first guild level 25, realm first working as a team, and currently have over 1900 guild achievement points. We have multiple raid groups, rated battleground teams, and events for a variety of play-styles. For those interested in joining our website is and the following is our guild rules and orientation. Thank you for your time.

Section One: General Code of Conduct

The Basic Rules of Conduct for Knights of Arcadia:
  1. Don’t be a dick. When in doubt, err on the side of being extra nice.
  2. No slurs, racial or otherwise. Some words are designed to hurt. Avoid these words. Just do it.
  3. Avoid topics that lead to heated arguments in public channels. This includes but is not limited to politics or religion. We all play this game for many different reasons. They don’t include watching people publicly debate touchy subjects.
  4. Treat everyone, including the people you just can’t stand, with civility and politeness. This includes people both inside and outside the guild and PAA at large. Yes, this means you have to act like a grownup.
  5. Engage with the guild. It is not our job to make you happy. It is your job to make yourself happy by availing yourself of the guild, and making yourself available to the guild. We are all looking to have a good time.
  6. Seriously, don’t be a dick.
If you see someone breaking one of the above rules, screenshot the offense if possible, and talk to the offender in whispers to see if you can work out a resolution with them. If you are unable to reach resolution, screenshot your conversation, and then send it to an officer or guild leader along with the screenshot of the offense. If you do not have specifics regarding the offense and interaction, the KoA leadership will be unable to resolve the issue.

Regarding the Penny Arcade Alliance:

The entire Penny Arcade Alliance counts as your guild. We are all one large family. Their green chat may not be the same as your green chat, but we all still march under the same banner, albeit to the beat of a different drummer. Note that this means the rules in part 1 apply to the other PAA guilds. If you should have a problem with a member of another guild in the Alliance, bring it up privately with them first in a polite and civil fashion. If you are unable to reach a solution, please take screenshots of the conversation and contact either an officer of that guild or a KoA officer. DO NOT bring it up in a public place.

Regarding The Rest of the Alliance and Exploits:
  1. Ninjaing of an item is never allowed.
  2. Illegal exploits of game mechanics are never allowed.
  3. If you do not agree with how a group you are in is progressing, you are free to leave it at any time. Do not do anything to disrupt the group, as your actions are a reflection on the entire PAA.
Regarding PvP and Horde:

Dark Iron is a PvP server. This means part of the game is conflict with the other faction and purposeful opposition. However, this leads to confusion as to what "don't be a dick" means when interacting with people that are set against us. For the sake of clarity, KoA defines being a dick in PvP as repeatedly killing horde who are completely unable to get away without them having given any reason or cause. Examples of this would be killing people without epic/flying mount skill, graveyard camping people, and other instances of PvP where the horde's only option is to either continue being killed by you, or log out. Things that are not examples of this are killing horde with the flying skill in any area that allows flying mounts, preventing someone from being in a particular area or completing a quest but allowing them to leave, setting up shop in Garrosh's room and killing him 6 or 7 times in a row, or taking over the Orgrimmar transportation hub for 3 hours. PvP is expected and encouraged to happen on this server. Causing the horde trouble is fine, but they must be able to do something other than just be repeatedly killed. They must have the option to do something else, even if it isn't what they want to be doing.

Regarding Leaving the Knights:
  1. Involuntarily: Should your behavior be deemed not fit for a Knight, you will be forcibly removed from the guild. This does not necessarily mean you are not welcome in the PAA, but that you are not considered what we were looking for. That being said, all other officers in the PAA will be informed off why you were removed, so expect any actions you committed while in the Knights to 'haunt' you in other guilds in the PAA.
  2. Voluntarily: If you plan on leaving the Knights for whatever reason, please be sure to inform one of the officers ahead of time as a matter of common courtesy. On occasion, the rosters are purged of characters that have not been played in more than 2 months, and you may be removed for prolonged periods of inactivity. If this should happen, you are welcome to rejoin.
Harassment Policy:

The Knights of Arcadia strive to create and maintain a social environment in which people are treated with dignity, decency and respect. For this reason, the Knights of Arcadia has a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment or discrimination of any kind. All members of the guild are expected to comply with this policy. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any individual who violates this policy up to and including removal from the guild and banning from the PAA.

The harassment of any individual because of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital or parental status, disability or other status is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. It’s a dick move. Don't be a dick.

This is your only warning.

Section Two: Communication

The PAA Channel and Groups: The Knights (along with the rest of the PAA) are entitled to use /paa. /paa is restricted to PAA members only, and usually people will kick non-PAA members on sight. Enforcement of this rule varies however depending on time of day and who currently has moderator of the channel. It is very important to maintain behavior outlined in the Basic Rules of Conduct in this channel as well.

Ventrilo: The PAA has it's own Vent. It's information is in the Guild Information tab. (Bring up your guild list, hit Guild Information). It changes every so often, so when it changes, check there first before asking. Chances are one of the officers has updated the tab with the correct info. Non-PAA players are permitted to access Vent, but we ask that you keep to the top “guest lobby” channels (labelled "Room 1-6"). Do NOT under any circumstance give a non PAA member the password to the private rooms (the second password).

Section Three: Guild Events

KoA has hundreds of people in its ranks. Because of this, there are usually a lot of events. Anyone in KoA is permitted to start an event, be it raiding, achievements, PvP, or just hanging out. If you would like help with leading an event please speak with an officer as to what you need.

Inclusion in various events is not guaranteed as part of KoA membership. Some of the raiding events have strict requirements, and application processes to join. However, a large portion of the events are open to anyone who signs up. Most things in WoW have numerical limits. Keep this in mind when you want to do something. Sign up early, keep your commitments, and if there isn’t enough room, there just isn’t enough room. It isn’t a personal slight against you. Everyone has to sit out sometimes. It is part of life.

If there is an event you are not allowed on, do not take it personally. Instead, figure out the reasoning behind it, and if you are determined to join a certain raid or PvP group, put in the effort necessary to meet the requirements. Usually, the people who are leading the event will work with you to get you ready to participate, but there is always a certain level of personal responsibility involved with any sort of progression or competitive play in WoW.

Section Four: Cliques

Cliques are a natural part of MMO gaming. People end up having friends that they feel more comfortable playing with. This is a combination of play schedules, personalities, and approach to the game, be it casual or hardcore. This is not in itself a bad thing. Cliques provide efficiency for their members, and an outlet for more personal information to be shared to strengthen the social bonds. The important thing to remember is that everyone is part of some sort of clique. We all have friends in this game we are closer with than others, but the identity of the clique should never take priority over the identity of the guild. When you draw the line in your mind of “Us” and “Them,” “Us” should include not only everyone in KoA, but also in the PAA. This larger group identity provides benefits to your clique, and you exist within the group, not separate from it. Take the time to reach out and include those from the larger groups into your gaming experience, and you will find benefits.

Do not spend time on jealousy of other people’s cliques. While these negative feelings are an immediate response to other people getting something nice you may not have yet, take a step back and reflect. That clique did not actively harm you. They are just enjoying the game with their friends. They are not in your instances actively working against you. There is a limited amount of space in the various aspects of the game. It is not possible to include everyone in everything. Instead, focus your energy on either creating another group that is capable of doing the same thing, or figure out if there is a way you can be a benefit to the group currently doing it, and come along next time.

Some people will achieve stuff in WoW that others will not. That is part of the game. Just because one raid group does some sort of silly hard achievement and gets a cool mount as a reward, that does not mean that everyone in KoA will then get that same reward. The time, coordination, and effort that go into the completion of the harder content in WoW are often only achievable through a clique. The intimate knowledge and practice playing with one another over what is often years of time, is what leads to the success. It is not a bad thing that within KoA we have various groups of really good friends that managed to get something done together.

Section Five: Guild Ranks
  1. Guild Leader- Palatine
  2. Guild Leader Alts- PalALTine
  3. Officers- Commander
  4. Event Leaders- Knight Captain
  5. Bank Access- Bank Access
  6. Max Level Member Rank- Knight Arcadia
  7. Static Raiding Rank- Knight Crusader
  8. PvP Rank- Knight Templar
  9. Muted/Disciplinary Rank- Doesn't Listen
  10. Low Level Rank- Squire

Section Six: The Guild Bank and You

Do not sell stuff on the AH that you take out of the bank.

Guild Bank: Take what you need and deposit what you can spare. Anything you can spare will ultimately serve to helping out a fellow Knight.

We have an eight-tabbed Guild Bank. The tabs go as follows:
  1. First Tab: Up For Grabs – USEFUL items! Do NOT fill this tab with junk! Sell your junk on the AH or even to a vendor and deposit money if you really want to contribute. Making the officers clean out this tab is not helpful.<br>
  2. Second Tab: Up For Grabs
  3. Third Tab: Crafting Mats- Cataclysm Only Please
  4. Fourth Tab: Enchanting Mats- Cataclysm Only Please
  5. Fifth Tab: Gems and Potions- Cataclysm Only Please
  6. Sixth Tab: Rare Items
  7. Seventh Tab: 25-man Raiding
  8. Eighth Tab: 10-man Raiding
  9. Guild Bank Gold: Much like items, there is a pool of guild bank gold as well. If you are in need of a loan, please contact an officer so the terms of the loan can be worked out. Your debt will be logged. Remember that you are not entitled to a loan, and you will be expected to pay back the loan in the agreed upon time period. Inability to do so without some extraordinary reason can result in penalties.
Section Seven: Membership

Alt Limits: Currently KoA members are allowed unlimited level 80+ characters and 2 alts that are under level 80.

One last warning, this guild invite does not get you into any specific KoA event. All KoA events - scheduled guild events, pvp groups, and raids are handled separately. Some are open to all guild members, others have signups or applications. However, if all you want to do is hang out with the coolest people on the server and be a contributing member of an awesome community, then post that as your reason and a guild invite will be headed your way.

Section Eight: Applying to KoA

Please use the application tool on the front page to join KoA.

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    you should really read the rules, fin

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    I looked through the threads, and I found multiple other guild threads for various games. I followed the tagging rules and used the [Clawshrimp and Co] thread as a general guideline for posting this. It has a ton of posts, and nobody seemed to think it was breaking the rules?

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