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Bandwith monitoring software

AltaliciousAltalicious Registered User regular
Re-posted from H/A due to tumbleweed issues:

Can anyone suggest a decent bandwith monitoring tool, preferably freeware, which will run on Windows (Vista).

Specific issue is this: my home wireless network has a number of devices linked to it - several computers running various versions of Windows and Linux; Android smartphone; television; etc. I'm trying to find a program which will display live bandwith use from each device, and preferably specific programs within the devices if possible. As presumably this will have to monitor the hub directly, I'm looking for one which can run from a computer with admin access to the hub (US Robotics SureConnect is the main hub, run through several other routers acting as switches). I've got a partial solution running Backtrack on one of the Linux boxes, but I'd prefer to have a more user friendly program which I can stick in the background on my main computer rather than dedicating an entire box to it. Nobody is piggybacking on the network, and my ISP doesn't run any public services like BT OpenZone that would allow others to use a portion of my connection. Therefore when a problem occurs, it's something within my own devices.

Want to use it as an easy access way of telling which device is hogging bandwith at a specific point, when it affects the performance of other devices (i.e. internet streaming on the TV slowing to a crawl due to another device using the link).


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  • stigweardstigweard Registered User regular
    edited January 2012
    The resource monitor will show live bandwidth per program and where each is going, but it won't keep a total tally.

    edit: reading further, I don't think you can view past a switch unless it is managed.

    What I mean is a client computer on a network doesn't see information from all other machines( at least not without using the rmon port on a managed switch). You either need the monitor on the point where all data passes through (you could use a script to monitor bandwidth by mac address on a linux gateway or a router with dd-wrt), or you need software on each client that reports back to the server.

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  • Apothe0sisApothe0sis Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Registered User regular
    You're almost certainly not going to get what you want on consumer grade hardware - even then, the solutions are a bit all over the place.

    You either need a switch which allows port mirroring and a tool like ntop running on a linux machine connected to the port.

    Chances are your best bet will be to put another linux box acting as a router (or maybe pfSense) between your SureConnect and the rest of the network.

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