Crossfire, Alternate frame rendering and Optimize 1x1

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I was dinking around with my crossfire setup trying to erk a bit more performance out of it. Just tinkering with the newer drivers and some of the new settings. I noticed this little setting "Optimize 1x1" under the AMD CrossFireX mode for 3D applications, so i clicked it on and disabled my eyefinity setup to see what kind of gains i got on single screen, which was what this was optimized for. Most games run in single screen anyways so I wasn't losing much by disabling the eyefinity.

Well I took it for a spin on Skyrim, saw some small but noticeable gains...interesting. But Skyrim isn't really all that well optimized, especially for Crossfire/AMD. So i fired up Battlefield 3, which is notoriously good with crossfire/AMD.

And hooooooly shit, my framerate nearly doubled on a single screen! I have no idea what this setting is though, or why it works so damned well with Battlefield 3 on one screen vs having it off. I read up on it a bit and it said something about optimizing how the information is sent to each card or something? It divvy's up the data between both as evenly as possible or something?

Does anyone else know anything more about what the pros/cons of having this enabled will be if i further test it on other applications?

For reference im using 2 6950 2gb's in Crossfire and an AMD 1090t x6 at 3.8ghz. This was with Battlefield 3 cranked all the way to maximum on everything, was hitting around 110fps with little to no drops, even in high action and lots of explosions. Before I was getting around 50-70 depending on the action on screen (This was tested in multiplayer whilst monitoring the cards on my second and third monitors.)

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