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I suck at using Bluetooth headphones, please help me

GanluanGanluan Registered User regular
edited January 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
I bought an LG Tone HBS-700 bluetooth headset to use for work. It allows listening to stereo music and making calls, both of which I need to do from my laptop.

When I first set it up, audio worked perfectly. I can hear stereo sound coming from the headset and it sounds suprisingly good. However, I cannot use the microphone - if I go into Sound options, the Bluetooth microphone is listed but can't be connected/enabled. I did notice if I switched the devices profile to Headset instead of Headphones, the microphone becomes enabled, but sound switches to a really terrible mono quality. How can I set this up so I can listen to stereo music and switch to the mono sound channel only when sending/receiving calls through my laptop?

This is a Windows 7 64-bit machine with all the latest drivers from Dell.

Ganluan on
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