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Blown USB connectors?

DacDac Registered User regular
Background: My problems today started when I decided to do a little work with my brother's computer. He's away in Africa, and his system has been sitting there for months. He gave me permission to use it whenever I wanted, and during a computer upgrade for myself late last year I mistakenly got a motherboard that didn't support PATA drives (the kind my secondary drive is, home to documents). My brother's computer still has a PATA port, though, and although I got most of my documents out before the switch, my Downloads folder was left behind, and I wanted to get at it.

I hook up the PATA drive to his MB and everything boots up fine. For some reason his mouse is missing, and I take my mouse out of my computer and take it over to his, plugging it in. It works, and I get the necessary data I need shuffled over to my computer. On plugging my mouse back into my computer, however, the computer has a spaz attack. After a few moments it makes the 'bu-bump' noise of a USB connection made, then the screen went black. Indicator for monitor was orange, then turned blue, but the picture remained off.

I reset the computer, which booted up fine, but the mouse was no longer working. I shut it down, shuffled around the connectors on the back of my computer (thinking maybe I had a bad USB port) and on the next boot up it hung at the post screen. My computer was no longer recognizing either my keyboard or my mouse.

After some drama with resetting the BIOS and putting in the motherboard's disk on boot (I thought maybe the drivers had been corrupted or deleted somehow), I managed to use a separate keyboard and mouse (different model keyboard, same model mouse as the malfunctioning pair) and the computer recognized them, allowing me to boot up.

The computer recognizes these other peripherals when plugged into the slots the old ones occupied, but the old ones don't respond in any of the ports. It SEEMS like I've blown the USB connections on my mouse and keyboard? This leaves me very cross, as the keyboard is literally less than two weeks old, and the mouse is a companion I've had for ages.

Is there any hope of repairing them?

e: I did a system restore to two days ago, but it didn't help the problem.

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