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Video card help....

arcatharcath Registered User regular
edited February 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I just got a new graphic card, a sapphire x1950 pro, and a new Accelero X2 fan/heat sink for it also.

Apparently, the first time i didn't place enough Arctic Silver on it and while WoW was not causing ANY problems on max settings at 1920x1200, Star Trek Legacy and Supreme commander was fragging the vid card within a couple of minutes.

So i decided to run a GPU stress test. I don't remember the program, but its got a zooming in and out earth model on it if that helps. I ran this test and it fragged out at about 25 seconds into the test.

So i decided to clean and reapply the thermal compound. This seemed to fix it. I ran the stress test and it ran for 3-4 min and no problems. WoW, Legacy, and Supreme Commander ran well.

So i decided to try out the C&C3 demo and i got to the part with the Ion cannon in the first GDI mission, and guess what? It fragged my machine again.

My case is pretty cramped, but Im not sure getting a bigger case, or more fans would fix the problem. Hell, I'm not sure what the problem actually is right now.

I'm at a loss as to what to do now. Suggestions?

arcath on
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