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Looking for some new indie music

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I am in need of music recommendations.

For the last couple of years I mostly listened to TV on the Radio and Sufjan Stevens, also Decemberists, but I feel I need some new bands to check out.
Unfortunately I am out of the whole live music thing and I am not a big follower of the music press apart from scanning Pitchfork every now and then, so I feel I might have missed some great stuff, at least I hope so.
First some bands I like and some I don't like all that much:
Big fan of everything Pixies and Frank Black, love the collected works of Built to Spill, listened to a lot of Modest Mouse for years but can not stand them all that much anymore, love David Bowie, Spoon, Dinosaur Jr., Jay Reatard, The Smiths, Arab Strap, Fucked Up, Pavement, basically all kinds of rock/pop music is fine, as long as it is not metal, good punk/harcore bands are welcome as well, as long as they add something new to the mix and are not the same old.

I am pretty much familiar with the big names, for example I know every Radiohead album and think they are a good band, just not really something I can listen to all that much, when I was younger I also listened to a lot of stuff like Tool, NIN, Perfect Circle, etc., but that is not the kind of music I enjoy anymore.
I also bought some albums of artists like Bonnie Prince Billy or the Fleet Foxes, Wilco, Cat Power, Animal Collective and while I think they are alright, they also don't really so it for me. So nothing that is all that folksy please. Oh well, I liked some of the bands that were bunched together under the label Antifolk a couple of years ago, so maybe folk music would be alright as well.

So yeah, that's some of the stuff I like and some I don't, bring it on H/A!

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