After Market Hands Free Bluetooth for in the Car

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Does anyone have much experience with these types of setups? Looking for a solution that (preferrably) wires into the stereo and allows for bluetooth phone use, much like the bluetooth options that come on some new cars nowadays, only an aftermarket option.

I have some experience with the Motorola T505, which is a cheap solution we tried a couple years back, no install to speak of, but the problem with this is the built-in speaker is pretty bad, especially with highway noise and if you pick an empty FM frequency to sync to and play it through your car speakers then you are constantly having to change the frequency as you travel from one place to the next.

The end users are all pretty computer illiterate. So user friendly after initial setup would be best.

Something with an LCD that shows the number calling with some large buttons to pickup/hangup. Voice commands optional. Syncing to the phone's contacts would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

All end users have android phones.

I've looked around for reviews on different sites and Parrot seems to make a wide variety, I just can't find enough info. What's the quality like on this model, or where does the little lcd screen have to go if it's also connected to a wiring harness to integrate it into the truck's stereo system? Something a little first hand knowledge of what to keep an eye out for would be priceless.

Is this something I should buy and install myself? (can build computers all day long, never messed with car stereos or the like), buy the hardware from someplace like best buy that comes with "basic install"? or find some local car audio place and let them do it all?

This is for work and will be for about 7 trucks. No one wants to go the bluetooth headset route.

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