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Windows 7, Windows Media Player Issue

KatoKato Registered User regular
edited February 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
I have a question and maybe someone else has seen this or had this issue.

I have about 3 gigs of music. Of which, some of it is my own cd rips and others are not. Some is from youtube and some is not. A large variety of tunes all in the music folder. I recently got a new pc and I put some of the tunes on here. I guided Windows Media Player to have a library set up in my music folder. It picked up on the songs that I put in there and it shows them up when I click on Music or all music. I then added a new folder with 2 songs. Media Player picked up on the new folder and it now displays those 2 new songs as well. Since then, I have added in some other folders with mp3's in them, yet Media Player will not see them when I click on music or all music. I can go in and look at the songs through folders (windows explorer) and right click a bunch of them to add to a playlist and then they show up in Media Player, but only in a playlist. It will play the songs just fine as well. I can save the playlist and play the songs that way as well...

But why won't Media Player pick up on the new folders that I added with new songs in them? I have even tried to specifically tell it to monitor that specific folder for the library and it did not change. Any ideas?

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