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Need some solid Reference Books- MS SQL Server, Excel Functions and Macros, Windows Server

HadjiQuestHadjiQuest Registered User regular
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So, I somehow magically lucked into a really awesome job where I kind of do a little of everything in the office and sell myself as a cool dude with a future. I told my employer that my skills are a little rusty, but I have a lot of basic IT skills and I catch on quickly, so he's asked me to take on a number of projects involving the things listed in the thread title.

Now, I've taken Cert courses for Windows Server 2003 and Oracle DBA many years ago, and some of those skills are there, but I need some solid resources to dust those server skills off and adapt my SQL knowledge to MS SQL Server.

Additionally, one of the big things I'm responsible for are worksheet comparisons and other advanced functions using Excel, including the creation of Macros. I have a lot of experience with the simpler tasks of excel, but comparing lists of model numbers and doing other high end functions is a little beyond my grasp, not even mentioning creating marcos using Visual Basic, which I have absolutely zero experience with. As of this moment, I'm piping a lot of that stuff through Access instead and trying to find ways to do many of the tasks with basic queries. But it would definitely still be nice to figure out these high level functions and to tackle some basic VBA for Macro making.

So, I'm looking for good resources for any of the stuff above. Web, print, or otherwise. I'd love to have some solid, catch-all books for managing SQL and Windows Servers that cover installations and all the basic functions for the office. Additionally, it would be fantastic if someone could recommend a solid little easy reminder handbook of SQL commands and queries from basic to advanced. I have some formal training in these areas, so I'm really just looking for something that can get me back up to speed and then act as a reference for advanced functions like backups, data/account management, etc.

Finally, I'm much less experienced in excel, so I'm looking for more learner-centric resources for the moderate to advanced formulas/functions, as well as the Visual Basic for Applications stuff.

I could've just looked around online myself, but I trust you guys to have really great and helpful suggestions that will get me on track in no time.

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