[EAST] Looking for Free agent Halo Reach Players

Xuri87Xuri87 Registered User regular
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The thing I enjoyed most about PAX East last year was getting to play some competitive Halo. Unfortunately, I booked my flight out early on Sunday and missed the final tournament. This year, I am hoping to play in both small tournaments on the floor of the convention and possibly in the official tournaments as well. That being said, my friends who play Halo have all ditched out on the trip this year. If anyone is interested in playing some Reach in the lead up to PAX or possibly even fielding a team for Halo tournaments, I would love to have some people to play with. My gamer tag is Xuri on XBL. Send me a message and we can try to figure something out.

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    KellyShepard087KellyShepard087 Myrtle Beach SCRegistered User regular
    I'm game. Do you have details on how the tournaments are organized and scheduled?

    I'm part of The WorkPLace (formerly Halo3 In The WorkPLace), on bungie.net, so I've got a feww friends who might join up too.

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    punk7688punk7688 Registered User regular
    im game send me the details geekgamer76@thegeekgamer.com...geekgamer76 & punk7688 are my gamertags.

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    JOEPROJOEPRO Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei Wilmington, DelawareRegistered User regular
    I remember there being FFA and 2v2 Reach Tournaments last year, I missed the 4v4 if there was one. They were hosted by different booths, the FFA used MLG settings and the 2v2 was default. I'm game, my gamertag is JOEPRO v2.

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