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DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
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Hey H/A. My PS3 YLOD'd today; before I send in my support request to Sony for an appropriate coffin, I had a few questions. So, here goes:

1. Fuck.

2. There's a disc in the tray. Sony's delightfully droll support site recommends that you remove any discs from the tray before you send it in. It's a pre-redesign model. As far as I can tell there's no way to get the disc to eject with the PS3 in "paperweight" mode. Is the disc gone for good, or will they remove it from the tray and ship it back?

3. I've got no backups. All my data is probably gone. Sony's support website helpfully recommends that you back it up before you send in your shattered hulk of a PS3. Unless... would it be possible to pop the drive into some sort of Linux machine as a secondary drive and at least backup the few files that aren't system-locked? I'd gleefully take "most of my data is gone" as an alternative.

4. The HDD I am using is a larger replacement drive. I don't have the original 60gb drive anymore. Should I just remove it from the PS3 before sending it in, to ensure that they don't hand me back a 60gb drive? Will doing so cause Sony's support to just ship back the whole thing untouched?

5. Will Sony deauthorize the dead PS3 as part of the support process, or do I have to deactivate all my devices from the website as part of this process?

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    CptHamiltonCptHamilton Registered User regular
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    How to get your disc out:

    According to this thread, you should take your replacement drive out and send the PS3 in drive-less; they'll either repair it or send you back a different, drive-less PS3.

    Since you may get a different unit back from Sony when you send it in, I'd recommend deactivating your devices via the website. You could also wait to see if you get back a unit with the same serial number that you sent off and only deactivate in the case that you don't, but why risk it?

    Edit: Also, your data probably isn't gone. The YLOD is a "non-specific hardware failure", not a HDD failure. If you take the drive out and put it back in when your PS3 is repaired/replaced, your data should still be on it.

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    DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    My understanding was that most of the data on a PS3 HDD is locked to the original unit, so you can't remove a drive from one PS3 and install it into another without being forced to reformat the drive.

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