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Computer won't boot after overclock failure

initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
Ok PAers, I have a problem. I was overclocking my i5-2500k on an ASUS p8p67 Pro (rev 3) board following THIS guide. I basically followed the steps in the images except my multiplier wasn't as high because ironically I didn't want to ruin anything. Upon finishing it and applying settings/restarting the computer it brought up a screen that said "Warning CPU temperature too high. Warning CPU voltage too high. Press f1 to go to setup."

I went to setup and after a few seconds it froze. I reset it and it took me to the same warning screen and then to setup/BIOS. I clicked the option to restore everything to default and reset.

After that it restarted but never kicked my monitor from standby to on. I tried some simple solutions before I went to bed last night. Resetting CMOS didn't work with either the jumpers or taking out the battery. I let it sit for the night and while I was at work today. I got back and tried the simple solutions again. I currently have everything unplugged except for my CPU and the Corsair H70 I have cooling it and I have no idea what to do now.

powering on like that brought up a cpu post light briefly before switching to the dram_led. Putting one stick in didn't change anything. The motherboard has a "MemOK" button which is supposed to reset it. Holding that down made it start blinking for about 30 seconds then at the end of that it went back to a solid light. Now the Dram_Led stays lit for a while, briefly flashes to the CPU_led and then back to the ram light.

I don't really know what to do now. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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    HandgimpHandgimp R+L=J Family PhotoRegistered User regular
    If you send me your address I can replace your CPU and motherboard. They're used and abused but it should boot.

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    tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    Did you reseat your CPU and redo the CPU heatsink with new thermal paste?

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    initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
    It's on my list of things to do, but I don't think I have any extra paste left. I'll have to dig through my big box o' crap from when I did this build to see if I have any left.

    and @Handgimp, I appreciate the offer and may have to reconsider it after I try a few more options and make sure it's not something minor like ram or something.

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    initiatefailureinitiatefailure Registered User regular
    buddy brought over some spare ram he had and I pulled out an old video card from a previous build to test things today.

    after switching the ram to his my DRAM_LED went out meaning, as far as I can tell that that was better.

    However, the video still didn't work and a new light popped on, the VGA_LED, which I assume corresponds to my video card. My friend took my video card with him to test in his working system to make sure that the card itself works. I tried using another card I had with the same result though. I even tried it in two of my PCIE slots.

    Not sure if I should still try to reseat my cpu/cooler or if I should focus my attention more on the board itself/video slots.

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