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Well, couldn't find any other place to start this thread.

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Didn't really see a place for new people to introduce themselves, so i decided here's as good a place as any other.

Sooooooooooooo, yeah.... i kinda signed up because i plan on going to PAX Prime this year via PAX Train, so i decided that since i'll be meeting a few of you sooner or later i might as well get an introduction going.

Not really sure how to do this but here we go!
19 years old
i've been playing D&D since 2007, started with 3.5 not long before 4e came out, but wasn't aware of the launch until about 2 or so years ago.
i'm a pc gamer, if you're interested in anything having to do with that, just let me know
INTJ - Google it.
I work as a night auditor in L.A. County so i'm up all night and sleep a good portion of the day.

well, i'm not really sure where else to go from here, but i guess all i can really do is jump right into the forums and act all "SUP GUYS I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT" right?

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