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The Kindle App for Android and The Kindle Lending Library

Continental_OpContinental_Op Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey Folks,

I was talking the other night about the Kindle Fire and the access you get with an Amazon Prime account (which I have), and then remembered the Kindle Lending Library, which let's owners of the Kindle and Prime members access some books on it for free. I don't own a Kindle of any variety, I just have Amazon Prime and thought it might be cool to get to read some free books on my smart phone.

Does anyone know if this extends to the Kindle App for Android? I don't want to sign up for it and just have the option to buy books.

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  • SentrySentry Registered User regular
    My friend tried this with his ipad and it didn't work. As far as I know, you must have a physical kindle of some kind to use the lending library.

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  • Continental_OpContinental_Op Registered User regular
    That's what I thought after reading the Help pages for Prime and the Kindle Library. At least I have Google Books for all the public domain stuff. Thanks @Sentry.

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  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    If you've got an amazon account, I think you can check out books for free on it from your library. I don't know the exact details as I'm trying to do it myself currently (haven't had time to get to the new local library) but there's supposedly an easy way to do it.

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  • EggyToastEggyToast Registered User regular
    To use the "Kindle Lending Library for Prime" feature, you access this directly on your Kindle device. I have a Kindle and I can't do anything with the books until I browse to the title in the actual store on my Kindle. That's the only way to view and download these books for free, so short answer is that no, you can't access these free books on a non-Kindle, even if there's a Kindle app.

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  • Count FunkulaCount Funkula Registered User
    You can access free books on the Amazon bookstore via the Android Kindle app. They tend to be classic lierature and such, but that might be a good thing, depending on what you like to read.

  • Dr. FrenchensteinDr. Frenchenstein Registered User regular
    yeah i think the free books are public domain stuff. I was not able to read a book from the kindle lending library on my android phone either.

    I found it really hard to find a book that i wanted in there anyways. i read the hunger games trilogy during my free trial (well, 2 of them). i think you can only borrow 1 book a month as well (however, that might just have been b/c i was on the trial), so if you are a quick reader, it isn't all that great.

  • rockmonkeyrockmonkey Registered User regular
    I'll reaffirm that you need an actual Kindle device to use their lending library feature, and even then it IS limited to a small selection of books, and only 1 book per month. You might check with your local library and see if they have partnered with a specific app for lending ebooks. My library system uses Overdrive (I think that the name). Not sure well that app works. It required me to have an active library card and I didn't considering I just buy my books used from the library's book sales. I went ahead and got online and had a card sent to my house but I have yet to go downtown to the library and have them activate it.

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