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Robert’s new survey. Broken?

I filled out the survey and Google Docs politely let me know that I couldn't submit it at the end.

If this is Google's problem, then I'm just writing this to let you know you are missing out on a lot of people filling out your survey because their stuff is broken. If this is you then hopefully you'll be able to do something about it.

I'm using Google Chrome 17.0.963.56 m.

Also your survey asks about average numbers of things over a given amount of time but the possible answers to those questions don't cover the 0-1 case, only 0, 1-2, etc..

Anyone else having issue?

visionep on


    There was an error while I was doing the survey. Maybe around the 10th page or so. It happens after I click submit.

    Oops, something went wrong.
    Something bad happened. Don't worry, though. The Spreadsheets Team has been notified and we'll get right on it.

    It happens when I try to submit these questions:

    In addition to Penny Arcade, do you read any of the related/partner PA sites once a week or more? Check all that apply. *
    In addition to Penny Arcade, do you read any of these additional sites once a week or more? Check all that apply. *

    I'm using Firefox on my Mac.

    Good luck,

  • EvilBadmanEvilBadman DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN Registered User regular
    It is/was throwing a fit because apparently the max cells on the spreadsheet is 395 000.

    FyreWulff wrote: »
    I should note that Badman is fucking awesome
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