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Golfer's Elbow, Self Diagnosed

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This might be my 50th "I'm hurt" thread, but please bear with me.

Playing basketball about 3 weeks ago, I went up and got nailed on the elbow by someone else's. I'd say it caught me


roughly where her hand is in this picture - closest to the beginnings of her fingers, if I had to pinpoint. It FELT like mostly muscle, not bone, that got hit, but I couldn't really tell in the moment. However, my entire forearm immediately went numb and dropped, and I couldn't lift it for a minute or so. Thought I could shake it off, but after a few more minutes, and trying to shoot, I could tell it just wasn't happening. Went inside and iced it, and again a couple times that night and the next day. A day or two later it was feeling okay, played an hour or so of basketball, started to hurt towards the end, stopped. A few days after that, no real pain, maybe a little discomfort, went to the gym and worked out. Again, towards the very end, a little pain, so I stopped. About 6 hours later it started to really ache. Since then I've rested it, and haven't worked out or played any basketball (about 3 weeks, until yesterday). I have iced it on and off and taken anti-inflammatories.

More information about the pain: it's been very hard to lock down to one spot where it hurts. Often was a sort of burning pain, not sharp, on the top of my forearm, sometimes underneath, but lately it's been sharp and occurring on the underside of my forearm near the elbow.

See the last muscle strand on the right hand side, between "flexors"? Around there, up near the elbow. This pain often comes when I do some twisting motions, like if I rotate my fist really fast. Shooting a basketball yesterday after feeling better to see where I was at, I got no pain shooting, but some of this pain while dribbling. I also get less sharp pain above the knob of my elbow, on my upper arm, which comes randomly. I have been having random pain in my hand and wrist, occasionally, though I have problems with that wrist anyway so I don't know if it's related. My ulnar nerve is also very tender now, and touching it a little too hard the wrong way can get a serious funny bone feeling.

The one thing I noticed the next morning after it happened was if I extend my arm fully, palm up, when I start releasing it my elbow makes a kinda squishy sound. It's not cracking, or popping, it's almost like if you rubbed plastic. It's semi-uncomfortable, but for the most part not painful. The elbow HAD been popping a bit and feeling "loose", almost, when I extended it fully to reach for things, mostly when fast, but this seems to have gone away with rest.

I'm making an appointment with an orthopedist tomorrow, but I probably won't be able to see them for at least a couple of weeks. Has anyone had something similar? It seems most like Golfer's elbow from my own investigation. What can I do? Is there any type of upper body working out I can do with it? Can I play basketball? Some online resources seem to say I can keep doing this stuff, I should just buy an elbow support thing, like this
Others say I should shut it down completely, but I've done this already for weeks.

I've been sidelined with one nagging injury or another, keeping me from lifting, since November and it's really depressing to watch myself go from a shape I worked really hard to get in to nothing and can't do anything about it. I have Spring break coming up and I'd like to be able to spend it playing basketball, if possible, one of my favorite forms of exercise. I definitely end up feeling like shit, and usually eating shitty too, when I can't exercise/play basketball/even play guitar.

TL;DR: Hurt elbow, got sort of better but not completely, what is it, what can I do

maybe i'm streaming terrible dj right now if i am its here
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    Golfer's Elbow is tendonitis; this sounds like a nerve injury. Tendonitis is overworking of the tendons and doesn't usually start from an injury like that and really the only way to fix it is rest.

    But what you have started by a hit and the numbness is pretty telling that something happened to the nerve. Going to the doctor is the way to go; sadly you'll need to go light on that arm tho. That elbow support thing, again is just for tendonitis and only mild tendonitis at that.

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