Where can I find a name-your-own-price webstore?

SnowblindvictimSnowblindvictim Flying casualRegistered User regular
I didn't know where it would best to post this so I figure I ask it here.

Does anyone know where I can set up a web/e-store that has a name your own price model?
I looked at places like Etsy/Big Cartel but I couldn't find out if they had that sort of pricing model.

Basically we're giving away this product for donations, (think Radiohead's In Rainbows)

Thanks for your time

Snowblindvictim on


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    WezoinWezoin Registered User regular
    Paypal's donation set up might work...

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    azith28azith28 Registered User regular
    Maybe a kickstarter if it fits what you are trying to do with the product.

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