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Beastro draws your Characters for Free!

BeastroBeastro IllustrationRegistered User regular
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I need practice. Please put a snapshot or a description of your favorite character or bad guy in this thread, and I will draw them then upload them here.

I don't have enough time with school in session to be able to make up characters and their back stories and sadly no time to play any games tabletop, or console/pc. I'm a huge RPG fan and have wanted to participate in the PA community for a long time and I wanted to do it big.

I've been doing a character a day for the past 2 weeks. So your character will get drawn according to my current skill level at that time. I would love a challenge, quirky little things about your characters, their stories, their equipment...anything that makes them YOUR character. I need a lot of practice drawing armor and clothing so this is the perfect opportunity to help me out.

Contructive and harsh critisism is welcome. I plan on going pro so I can take it if you can dish it out. It just helps me get better either way.

Matev - Rock
Matev - Lord Chaos
Kay - Atherton Kess
Dresdenphile- Kardak
Capfalcon - Frankie O'Dell
Denada - Cyrus Black
Wub - kitsune ninja
Smoove Operator - Karis Marner
ArcanisThelmpot - Alice MacLaren
Shinyo - Fiona MacLaren
Destroyah87 - John Walker
HollowerFollower - Acrisius
Slayer of Dreams - Itriya Silverstrings

Egos - Valentine
Vertroue - Rwn (will work in a graphic spectral guy aka not much detail but good for composition on the page) with Rat Familiar
Dino-Czar - Angstrom Holt
Bhow - Riishi Antera
WuShock - Anselm Barcary
daniant - Zithra
CaptainCarrot - jack (shadow run...i forgot about that game on the SNES..I LOVED it. cant wait for this)
Kias - Kelog
cj iwakura - Erika Roland
Wub - kitsune ninja (reduex)
I needed a name to Post - Annika Kamanov
Lord Palington - Akra, female dragonborn fighter.
Free Agent - Shigurui, a warrior monk of the Spider Clan
ArcanisThelmpot - Alice MacLaren(reduex) cause I feel like it

Example of Latest work Completed.

Other completed requests.



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  • MatevMatev Cero Miedo Registered User regular
    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....!

    Guess I'll kick this off by putting a couple in your hopper.

    1st off is my Eberron character, Rock. He's a Warforged Swordmage built to guard members of House Cannith. With 5 degrees in various disciplines of Thaumaturgy ("What've YOU done lately?") He has spent the better part of his existence assisting his makers with their tasks and experiments, and being used an experiment. As of late, he has been partnered with Emily d'Cannith, a low-grade artificer in the house. He swings between being proud of her skills with creation and horror at her sometimes explosive experimentation. (And the danger it poses to her) In his miniscule downtime, he tends to putter around with his own small experiments, but he hasn't had time for that lately, or swabbing himself down with buckets of cheap liquor. (To "buff out dings and scrapes" from fighting. This is usually his only request when Taverns are visited)

    Recently, he and Emily were tasked with investigating some thefts of house property in the region and have since been thrown into a series of misadventures along with some erstwhile hired help they've picked up along the way, who have brought their own baggage to the table.

    Rock is somewhat tall and well armored, but not as bulky as most Warforged with his specifications. He currently wields a magical Bastard Sword (obtained from a rogue Warforged) and sports leather armor, as well as a badge (Badge of the Berserker) mounted on his chest by Emily during their most recent visit to Sharn. (He gripes about being "naked" if he's not wearing any clothing despite his lack of anatomy) He also has a bowler and screw-on monocle for "Formal Attire". (Meeting House Big-Wigs or other special occasions)

    The other character that I would be interested in seeing is a character I'm putting together for a module I am building. His name is Lord Chaos. He rules his realm with iron fist, but is not without a whimsical side. He was once a Knight for the Kingdom of Elsbeth, but when he found a helm tainted with the energies of the Far Realm, he was driven mad. He gathered up a host monsters and overthrew the king, enthroning himself in the castle and using Eldritch magics to modify the grounds and it's inhabitants, making it a deathtrap to navigate. He now gathers his gibbering hosts to march on neighboring lands, and spread chaos throughout the word...

    I imagine him to be imposing, clad in plate, which is a riot of different colors and patterns. Faces leer or scream on parts of the armor. He wields a flail with his right hand, while his left hand appears to have blade tipped fingers. The toes are curved and capped with bells, like jester's feet. His helmet resembles an illithid's (mindflayer/Cthulu) head, the insanity clear through the eyes. A belt across his waist would have all manner of weapons (and even cookware and hardware) strapped across it. The right shoulder pauldron should be bigger than the last.

    I look very much forward to seeing what you come up with! :D

    "Go down, kick ass, and set yourselves up as gods, that's our Prime Directive!"
    Hail Hydra
  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Thanks Matev. I learned a lot doing this one tonight actually. Sorry you were the first one to get the brunt of the mistakes. I am also sorry for all the mistakes that I make for you future participants. Its a learning process, so bear with me.

    I might not include everything you have for lord chaos Matev but I think you will like it.

    Matev's 'Rock'

    Beastro on
  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Oh, I'd love to get a drawing of my Swordmage, Atherton Kess!

    He fancies himself as something of a noble and scholar, and dresses accordingly. Rather than a full set of armour, he tends to wear fashionable clothing with enchanted armour pieces in places - shoulderpads, vambraces, light greaves - while letting his magic do the rest of the protection. So flashy shoulder pieces with arcane runes, a flowing shirt and vest jacket, a rakish cloak, musketeer boots, that sort of thing.

    To continue with his high-society looks, he's got longer hair, as styled as you can get away with in ye-olden-days, maybe a slim gemmed circlet and some other adornments. His most noticible equipment would be his sword - an elegant longsword, not quite a rapier, his runed leather armour (just pieces, as mentioned, not a full suit), and the only link he has to his family - a magical amulet of protection. That and his familiar, Lenoir. Lenoir's a large, intelligent raven with a smart mouth who spends most of his time perched on Atherton's shoulder, offering helpful advice or scathing criticism at the worst possible time.

    Body wise, he's not particularly large or tall - slim and slight, all his talent is in his smarts, charm, and his magically-enhanced ability to soak up a buttload of damage (usually by absorbing or deflecting it with magical shields).

    So, a young human male who dresses like a noble duellist with a runed magical sword, fashionable-rather-than-effective leather armour (runed and magical, of course), and a magic raven! Magic!

    Kay on
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  • dresdenphiledresdenphile Watch out for snakes!Registered User regular
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    This is a character from a game that I really enjoyed on these boards, but I was never really happy with the token that I could find. Plus, I thought it was a cool concept.

    I'll let you run wild with it: Kardak, a regal-looking kobold holy warrior in robes (Avenger) emblazoned with the symbol of Ioun who wields a long sword in both hands.

    dresdenphile on
  • CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes Rule Capital WastelandRegistered User regular
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    For a change of pace, I've hacked together (what I feel is, at least) a pretty decent Harry Potter RPG using Star Wars Saga Edition.

    So, one of the characters my players have is Frankie O’Dell, a female Hufflepuff student. Raised by a muggle father and witch, she's only a first year at Hogwarts, but she's very tall and strong for her age. Her prized possession is a cracked tea cup her mother used to divine the future, and she can often be seen peering into the cup at each meal. Aside from a very wild head of red hair, the player didn't have a very detailed description of the character. Thanks!

    EDIT: After talking with the player a bit more, O'Dell is really confident and straightforward. She was having trouble actually hitting something with her magic in the second game, so she yanked a club out of the redcap's hands and clocked him with it. She wears normal clothes (I.E. a plain shirt with a skirt or pants) underneath a long, black robe that is left open.

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  • HenslerHensler Registered User regular
    I don't want a character drawn, just wanted to say that your art is awesome, Beastro. Love that Warforged.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    This is awesome Beastro, and you should feel awesome.

    I'd like to request a portrait for my Pathfinder character, Cyrus Black. He's a human Summoner, tall, thin, with long, scraggly black hair, that wears a black robe over his leather armor and carries a crossbow. Think Van Helsing and you're on the right track.

    Expression-wise, give him a slight smile, like he's thinking about something funny that he heard that morning.

    Denada on
  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular

    I just updated the queue up top with all the current requests. If anyone else makes a request past this point don't fret, I'll update the queue eventually. Please allow me a day's time per character. I'm pretty excited about this.

    One request I have though, is that if you could provide a doodle, or attach a picture of the symbols your characters are sporting because I sincerely have no experience with the worlds or lore. It will save me time shuffling through google images.

    Thanks for the kind words. See you all in a bit.

  • dresdenphiledresdenphile Watch out for snakes!Registered User regular
    Very cool. Here is some more information:

    Symbol of Ioun:

    Generic Kobolds:

    The problem I came across in GIS for this guy for the game he was in was every kobold on the Internet is either a warlock/wizard with robes and a wand or it's heavily-armored with a short sword/shield or spear. I envision Kardak having his hood up most of the time to make him seem spookier and more menacing than he is (since he is just a tiny kobold, after all).

  • MatevMatev Cero Miedo Registered User regular
    Cool Beastro, I dig the inclusion of the monocle and the chest piece, glad I'm able to help with the learning process. Can't wait to see what you do with Lord Chaos.

    "Go down, kick ass, and set yourselves up as gods, that's our Prime Directive!"
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  • WubWub Registered User regular
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    I was looking at your thread in AC earlier today, love your work Beastro. My friend is starting up the Jade Regent Pathfinder campaign so I would love art to go along with my new character.
    Sho Wakagi is a kitsune ninja who grew up in a traveling circus, trained as an acrobat and shuriken thrower. He's in human form most of the time so I'll give you the description for that: Lithe, flexible body, shaggy auburn hair, gold eyes, brightly colored/patterned clothes that are easy to move in (sleeveless top worn open with a sash over it, loose pants bound near the knees, sashes, scarves, etc), and various bracelets and other cheap jewelry. I'm imagining him as a younger guy (mid-late teens); easy going and light-hearted. When forced to fight he uses his finesse and agility to gain an advantage.
    Edited for more details.

    Wub on
  • Smoove OperatorSmoove Operator Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Hey hey Beastro. I've got a vampire/cleric character that you could take a crack at. May not be exactly what you are looking to practice at, since she doesn't wear armor. But it was a challenge to make the character mechanically viable, and I had a great time doing it, so I figured it would be cool to have a custom pic of her.

    Anyhoo, character's name is Karis Marner, just got started in the Chaos Reigns campaign with her. She would still appear to be a young woman (late 20's) with dark hair. She is a Vampire, a cleric of the Raven Queen [its complicated], and a member of the Knights Hospitaler. The only weapon she has is a crossbow she keeps on her back for emergencies, and her holy symbol (prayer beads). Truest wardrobe to character would be just a plain dark robe with Hospitaler and Raven Queen insignia, which may not be what you want to practice at, so feel free to take liberties.

    Also, sweet warforged. The monocle wearing warforged is woefully underrepresented.

    Mood - life has been pretty rough on Karis. Family dead, she is technically sort of dead herself. She is somber and fatalistic. Bit of a debbie downer.

    Battle - primarily a melee combatant. Would almost look strange fighting with such unnatural strength/speed because she is such a quiet young-looking woman.

    References: Raven Queen Symbol, a bit "on the nose" for my taste, but seems to be the official symbol
    I couldn't find any WOTC specific insignia for the Knights Hospitaler, so here is historical Knights Hospitaller symbol. I wonder if WOTC meant to drop an "L" from the word, or if they just misspelled it.

    Smoove Operator on
    Honesty, Integrity, Handshakefulness

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  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    Oh hey, the runes for Atherton? It would be pretty neat if you could use the Black Scrawl runes from Nier as a reference.

    Here're three references.

    And here is the image I'd been using for inspiration when I was putting the character together.

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  • AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    I only get one?

    Damn. Do I do Athenor himself, a paladin-like dragonrider who weilds two bastard swords, Myridiam (my Night Elf Druid, though that might be really easy), or do I draw a couple of my favorite Shadowrun NPCs - Mercer, a satyr fixer, or my Ork Smuggler/T-bird pilot with fiber-optic dreadlocks?


    He/Him | "A boat is always safest in the harbor, but that’s not why we build boats." | "If you run, you gain one. If you move forward, you gain two." - Suletta Mercury, G-Witch
  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Athenor: I might instill a new rule so that people dont ask for 5 or so in one post. Something like you have to wait for one person to request after you, and then post your second request. This thing picked up pretty quickly :) Pick one that you are playing with now and you can't wait for maybe? Get your old favorites while you stare at your current character's drawing? Just a thought.

    Thanks everybody for the comments and stuff I am blown away quite honestly. I just wanted to thank you all for your patience and lowered expectations :) heh.

    I might fail on a drawing and redo it like I did today on the Lord Chaos Character. I just have a personal standard that I want to meet and If I dont like the drawing I wont post it unless you want to see the failed drawings as well. I keep em but I write all the mistakes I made on em.

    Updating the queue at this time.

    Beastro on
  • Super NamicchiSuper Namicchi Orange County, CARegistered User regular
    your art is pretty awesome sir

    do you take commissions?

  • destroyah87destroyah87 They/Them Preferred: She/Her - Please UseRegistered User regular
    I'll echo Arc's comment. On Commissions and the drawing thereof.

  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    ArcanisThemlmpot and destroyah87: Well uh...I've never done any commissions before. I just keep studying and practicing all the time. Trying to improve with each one as I go. I'll tell you guys what though. I think that it would be a safe bet for me to say that this summer, starting somewhere in June, I'll be available for that. In the mean time I will be leveling up so to speak with my character and design skills. And full time illustration focused school takes up so much god damn time.

    I'm just honored that it's worthy of your attention honestly. There are so many good artists out there. But I guess I would only charge anyone anything for a fully colored character or illustration because that would take a bit more time and rendering, and color choices and finished design.

    Matev: This guy was a god damn sunofabich. LOL But...I learned so freaking much that will help my own process. I did an entire drawing and completely bombed it in about four hours. I read up on armor and how it is put on and worked on the shape of this next guy for a long time before I eventually decided upon the right one to go in with details. When I first read your description...dude...I was like, "OMFG what did I get myself into!!" But I needed the challenge. I got a lot of XP for doing it I think, so thanks for pushing me. Sorry if he isn't exactly what you imagined. but it was free! :) ON to the next one!!

    Beastro on
  • destroyah87destroyah87 They/Them Preferred: She/Her - Please UseRegistered User regular
    ^ this guy up here... Would not want to meet in dark ally. Or lit ally.. Or anywhere really.

    ... Except Chucky Cheese. Cause that would just be so jarring a contrast that it'd be hilarious.

  • CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes Rule Capital WastelandRegistered User regular
    ^ this guy up here... Would not want to meet in dark ally. Or lit ally.. Or anywhere really.

    ... Except Chucky Cheese. Cause that would just be so jarring a contrast that it'd be hilarious.

    Now, I'm imagining him with a clown nose and a ruffled collar dancing with the robotic mice.

    And I can't stop laughing.

    In all seriousness, Beastro, he looks great! The pointed bell feet are a great touch.

  • Super NamicchiSuper Namicchi Orange County, CARegistered User regular
    edited March 2012
    well the reason i asked is because your work is quality i would pay for, and have in the past!

    so if you'd be up for it i'd be more than happy to slide some dollars your way!

    if not i'll throw myself in the queue here but honestly you should be paid for your hard work!

    anyway character is here (and let me know in a PM if giving you moneys would get it colored because that would be awesome):
    Alice MacLaren is a modern day wizard; not from Harry Potter either. She is a thin redhead with a runner's build and favors t-shirts, jeans and combat boots which is offset by the gray cloak pinned around her shoulders and large blackened staff she carries (it's a long rune-carved thing blackened like it's been burned several times)

    she also wears a single silver ring on her left hand

    her hair is generally worn loose at shoulder length and has a pair of small round glasses - as for emotional mood for the character, a quiet smile and a gentle demeanor. she's in her early/mid twenties

    Super Namicchi on
  • WubWub Registered User regular
    Armor dude is BOSS. I love those boots.

  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    well the reason i asked is because your work is quality i would pay for, and have in the past!

    so if you'd be up for it i'd be more than happy to slide some dollars your way!

    if not i'll throw myself in the queue here but honestly you should be paid for your hard work!

    anyway character is here (and let me know in a PM if giving you moneys would get it colored because that would be awesome):
    Alice MacLaren is a modern day wizard; not from Harry Potter either. She is a thin redhead with a runner's build and favors t-shirts and jeans which is offset by the gray cloak pinned around her shoulders and large blackened staff she carries (it's a long rune-carved thing blackened like it's been burned several times)

    she also wears a single silver ring on her left hand

    her hair is generally worn loose at shoulder length and has a pair of small round glasses

    Maybe I could throw mine in too, from the same game. Alice's identical twin-sister Fiona. But where Alice is the wizard's wizard, Fiona is a sword-fighter cum wannabe biker chick. As a result, she's got a bit more lean muscle than her sister, and doesn't even really bother trying to tame her hair anymore. She runs around modern day Boston with a claymore about as long as herself.

  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    your line might be getting too long, but if it isn't I'd be interested as well. A quick question though, that is if you are willing to add me to the tail end. Is there a preference in terms of genre. Like do you prefer fantasy over sci-fi or modern characters? Just asking because there are characters I can pull from any realm and wanted to know if fantasy is the preferred choice.

  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular
    ANYTHING GOES. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fanta-sci...if there is such a thing...I'll draw them all. Just be patient and I'll get to them.

    You guys are basically giving me ideas for shapes and linework and research and all kinds of cool stuff.

    Request one character, monster, boss, whatever and wait for someone else to post their request before you make your second request's. Just to be fair to those waiting.

  • destroyah87destroyah87 They/Them Preferred: She/Her - Please UseRegistered User regular
    edited March 2012
    So Beastro, I'll add my character to the queue, if you don't mind.
    John Walker is a tall Iroquois man, about 6 and a quarter feet. He's mid-60's but looks early 40's, and strong, though he has a lean build. An ex-Vietnam vet, he's usually wearing old worn jeans and a native-American style vest, sometimes with and sometimes without a shirt underneath. He's a were-bear medicine man so he's always carrying a satchel full of potions and potion ingredients. A combat knife is worn on a strap sheath on the satchel, or around one thigh. He may carry a tall walking stick when he's out in the wilderness, living off the land as his ancestors did for centuries. His face is weather worn and he's not given to smiling. So the natural lines of his face are stern and imposing (no/very few laugh or smile lines).

    Maybe a scar or two from his time in military service or afterwords. I leave that to your judgement.

    His hair is silver or gray. It's kept long and bound at the back of his neck with a strap of leather, with a single hawk feather attached.

    As for the impression he gives, he's a little unnerving. A big tall Indian man wearing a combat knife openly. He's not comfortable in social situations, which is expressed in his terse, gruff speech and closed, borderline confrontational, body language. His default expression is a glowering glare. The primal bear spirit he carries within him give him an almost feral presence people don't know how to deal with. (He almost gives off the same vibe as Clint Eastwood did in Gran Turino; I've tried to avoid this description all through the post but it's a good shorthand.) And his multiple tours of duty in Vietnam have made thier mark on him. 'you can take the soldier out of Vietnam but you can't take Vietnam out of the soldier.' To use a pithy phrase. One might describe his shamistic potions as subtle but nobody would call him subtle in the least. (longer then I meant to go, but hope this helps. I'm very interested to see your visual take on my words)

    He fights like ... well, a bear. He can use stealth and other tactics, but he usually forgoes such strategy. He can fling potions around to summon roaring winds, choking smoke, or roaring fires or other magical effects. And if his strength should prove lacking, he can always call upon the power of his guardian spirit and transform into a hulking Grizzly Bear.

    PS. This is a character in the same game as Arc's and Shinyo's characters.

    PPS. Figured I'd give a visual idea of how loosely I picture the satchel John carries.
    This is close, but a bit bigger and I think more detail is warranted. also, do not want that symbol.
    Closer, at least from the angle presented and given the image size/quality.

    Anyway, this is just to give an idea of what I'm trying to get across with my words, in case the words prove insufficient.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    destroyah87 on
  • HollowerFollowerHollowerFollower Boogie, Baby, Boogie! Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Okay, before I ask for anything I'd just like to say that this sort of thread is like a dream come true for myself, and I imagine most gamers who do not have the talent for illustration.

    And, if its alright, I'd like to join the queue for a character. The character I have in mind is my Explorator in the tabletop Rogue Trader game I'm in: Acrisius. I've never been praised for my skill at description, but I'll give this my best shot.
    Acrisius is a small Tech-Priest, standing at about 5 feet, 4 inches. He's dressed in the traditional red robes of the Adepta Mechanicus, with two Archeotech laspistols holstered at his waist (as a note, Acrisius has almost no combat experience whatsoever, and so has no idea how to actually use the pistols, he just has them for show), and also has his fair share of bionic implants. Both of his arms have been replaced, the metallic prosthetics are intricately built, with gold inlays mimicking the design of a circuit board. His Mechanicus respirator unit takes the form of a, somewhat, bulky mask covering his face and the various installed cybernetics underneath. He also possesses a Mechadendrite, a cybernetic limb attached to his back ending in various tools and attachments to assist him in his duty of maintaining the ship. Often, the only thing people can see under his hood are the glowing yellow lights of his optics.

    In case you need example pictures of some of the equipment:

    Utility Mechadendrite:

    Archeotech Pistol:

    Acrisius' Respirator Unit/Mask:

    HollowerFollower on
  • Slayer of DreamsSlayer of Dreams Registered User regular
    I wanna throw this character into the pile, but if possible, could there be a small scene to go along with it? I ask because your quality is top notch and I'd like to get this as a tattoo, and I would have drawn it myself, but my ability isn't anywhere near yours. Anyways, if you can do the little bit of a scene, cool, if you'd rather not, also cool.

    Itriya Silverstrings, Gnome Bard
    Clothes: He wears a worn brown leather jacket with pockets in every conceivable spot that a pocket would fit. His pants are a very generic black pantaloons, flaring out a bit and appearing a bit baggy halfway down the leg, pockets of varying sizes along the outside of the legs only. His boots are what a pirate would wear, with the flipped over top that hangs down. His undershirt is a white linen shirt, tied together from the neckline to about halfway down with a string of leather or twine or something else stringy.

    Appearance: He has tussled sandy blonde hair that's about the length of your index finger. He has the signature gnome nose, large flared nostrils and all. He constantly has a grin on his face. He has a clean kept goatee that comes to a point under his chin.

    Equipment and other such gear he would have on him: A huge satchel and a fancy lute.

    Scene description: He would be sitting down under a tree (the tree in Shawshank Redemption, for example) and his satchel on the ground beside him. He is strumming on his lute and there are random musical notes floating up into the air in front of him. He would be watching the notes as they floated up and away.

    Anyways, here's some pictures incase my descriptions are terrible (most likely).


    Jacket and Satchel
    This, but with pockets on the upper arms as well.

    His goatee is a combination of the Van Dyke style and the Anchor style.

    Just in case.

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  • CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes Rule Capital WastelandRegistered User regular
    I took a closer look at the first picture you posted, and I now I can't stop laughing because I'm picturing him beating someone to death with a fish.

  • MatevMatev Cero Miedo Registered User regular
    Beastro:Once again, glad I helped you learn a bit more. It's not 100% what I was envisioning, but it's still freaking boss! I love both the pictures man, thank you!

    "Go down, kick ass, and set yourselves up as gods, that's our Prime Directive!"
    Hail Hydra
  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    They are amazing but I was curious how long does it take you to draw them?

  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    I think I'll put this character up for now..until I think of something better. Seems like there is room to change my mind (long line)
    Valentine- a deathseeker who wanders the wastes.

    • Modified Mk-7 with Silencer( Base:Handgun Pressure modification allowed for greater power but less cartridge capacity. Only one round per cartridge, bolt on back is required to be pulled back upon each reload.
    • "Gustav" (

      An assortment of black kevlar ,leather, metal and collected assortments. A crimson torn banner is strapped to his left shoulder, a kevlar vest adorns his torso with leather straps protecting his neck. Oxidized metal shoulder pads protect each of each of shoulders, they are strapped on tightly with bucklers; his knees and elbows receive similar protection but with less rigid (likely kevlar) material. Each of his arms are adorned from the bicep down in leather straps in a way that almost resemble a arm-tefillin, but the straps are not uniform and placement chaotic. Not to mention he is wearing gloves. His belt contains a number of empty bullet shells ranging in size , seemingly trophies, as well as a holster for his blade. He wears raw umber cargo pants with ankle high combat boots.

    Valentine is an attractive man with rustled brown hair and matching brown eyes . He stands around 6'2 and he has a somewhat worn demeanor but there is a devilish spark in his eyes that gives him some life.

    idea of face

    I'll post more on history later. I may have a different idea. but just posting this for now

  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Hey guys. I just lost a huge post that I made addressing each one of you individually. Im beat I'll edit this when I get up tomorrow and update the queue at that time too. Had a quick announcement that I'll rewrite in the morning.

    Kay I just now noticed your references and reference for character. Sorry about that. I can redo if you want.

    Kay's Atherton Kess

    and a quick process reel (it is really really weird how close some of these are to that reference Kay...I was like bwuh!)

    Beastro on
  • BeastroBeastro Illustration Registered User regular
    edited March 2012

    ArcanisTheImpot: Yea, color will definitely have to be this summer. I just wont have time. I'm on spring break now and I am forcing myself to refine a process that will take less than 3 hours for a drawing. I will be available though. And I'll doodle up your character :)

    Wub: Thanks

    Shinyo: Cool, will do.

    destroyah87: Noted


    SlayerofDreams: I may not be able to do the scene until this summer. Anything more than a character drawing I will have to charge for to take precedence over school work.

    CapFalcon: LOL

    Matev: Your welcome. Sorry it wasn't what you had in mind. It was a huge learning curve for me. Thanks for pushing the limit.

    Brainleech: depends on which one really. Currently I guess...the boss guy up there, took roughly 3 hours. And that is not counting the four hours I took ruining the first drawing and design and making a ton of mistakes on another picture to get there. This one took three hours and that's because I am taking too much time rendering out some decent/crap shadow. This one below took 3.5 hours. I'm on spring break so I have some extra time.

    Quick Announcement:
    In your descriptions, telling me what they wear and giving me reference is freaking awesome awesome awesome it saves me so much time. Otherwise I literally have to google all this stuff that I dont know about.

    One more thing I will ask of you guys though is what they are like mentally. What kind of mood do they portray if I were to meet them in person. I hope I'm asking the right question. Carefree, silly, ominous, they use cunning in battle vs they attack straight on. It helps me pick the pose. for Example, This one below I really had a fun time doing because I could pick out the current pose and know that I could see all the things that Kay wanted, and at the same time match their mood.

    I want to cut it down to two hours tops. I am going to back off of value a bit and try to focus more on line quality and perspective to meet the demand that is building here after only three days and meet the demand for school. Is that cool with everybody? I am pushing the limits of my knowledge here and trying my best to get something that I would want to go public. But taking the time to shade is taking me way too long into the night and I need to be able to get to something that I can do digitally and traditionally and at the same time with school. If you guys don't mind. Thanks.

    I'll update the queue tomorrow, I'm beat.

    Beastro on
  • Super NamicchiSuper Namicchi Orange County, CARegistered User regular
    don't apologize when you're doing top notch concept work pro bono man! do what needs to be done

  • KayKay What we need... Is a little bit of PANIC.Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Thanks, Beastro! Really digging the coat-and-shoulderpads combo. :D

    No need to go and re-do things, I should have edited the original post with the rune references and such. It's great, and captures his carefree devil-may-care attitude pretty well! (He always looks smug unless he realises he's looking smug and tries to look studious instead)

    It looks like Lenoir's giving him stink-eye for having feathers on the bottom of his coat. And honestly, that's how their relationship goes most of the time. Thanks again!

    Edit: He looks a bit like Sting, and this is totally okay by me!

    Kay on
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  • destroyah87destroyah87 They/Them Preferred: She/Her - Please UseRegistered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Hey, given the images you've already showcased. Less shading is fine by me. I'll edit my post above with the impression my dude gives to others. <-done.

    destroyah87 on
  • vertrouevertroue I am Female Totes Not a SithRegistered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Hey, Beastro, for characters what if they have a larger familiar type companion with them? Would you just draw the main character or would you be willing to do the companion as well? If so
    name: Rwn
    human Wizard
    chaotic evil
    Looks age 11 in all actuality she is closer to the age of 50.

    She was born in a noble family as it's only child. As such her parents kept her inside to avoid getting sick. Since she never really saw the daylight she became a sickly child exactly against everything her parents tried to avoid. When she was 8 a traveling circus came to her home city. She begged and pleaded to them to take her for one night. They agreed. blahblahblah she ran away, trained over the next few years and became an acrobatic tumbler/flyer(trapeze flyer stuff).

    When she was 11 the circus was attacked and everyone included Rwn was killed. The man that killed them was a necromancer and when he saw Rwn he wanted her.(yesyes I know how it sounds) so he raised her and put her soul back into her dead body. blahblahblah was his playing thing for 40 years before she learned enough about his necromancy herself to escape him.

    So looks, honestly picture claudia from interview with a vampire..that whole while she looks like a child is not one kinda thing. She normally wears a more noble woman's looks but split into clothing that is also suitable to move in. (split skirts, tighter tops, that kinda thing). She has long wavy black hair and piercing violet eyes. She is not a happy person anymore so if you where to meet her she would most likely be glaring at you thinking of the best ways to turn you into her minion. She has the body of an acrobat from before she died so for an 11 year old 4'2", lithe, and pissed at the world.

    The two big things about the character is her companions. She has a large spectral warrior as her guarding and a dire rat as her familiar. The rat is missing part of its left ear, there is a large jagged gap as it got bitten off.

    I know you are really busy with these and what not but if you can do the companion and familiar it would be awesome.

    vertroue on
    Blood and Fire
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  • WubWub Registered User regular
    Atheron is my favorite so far! The smuggest looking sword-mage :D
    Also updating my char's description as per your request.

  • Dino-czarDino-czar 2 cool 2 be 4gottenRegistered User regular
    edited March 2012
    If I beg super hard would you do Angstrom Holt?

    Angstrom is a Steampunk-esque "ambassador for hire", and as such would wear high quality clothing suitable for either a drawing room or a rooftop combat. As a free lance diplomat he specializes in procuring documents, securing persons and expediting negotiations; all of which means he is a thief, kidnapper and gun for hire. But he isn't just a thug, and really does see himself as a valuable extra-legal tool of due process.

    He is isn't so much confident as comfortable. He would have relaxed posture with an alert or intent expression. I'd imagine he keeps most of his weight on back leg, his feet heel to heal and perpendicular, in a habitual fencer's stance.
    From the ground up:

    Boots: Calf high leather, buckled at the top.
    Pants: Tooled leather (embossed with scrollwork)
    Waist: Gun belt. Single or double is irrelevant.
    Chest: Mandarin collared vest with more scroll work.
    Jacket: Double row of buttons, knee length. Typically worn open.
    Undershirt: White cotton with ruffled cuffs.
    Face/head: Goggles or Glasses, smooth shaved, smoothed back hair.

    Dino-czar on
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