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Never mind then

DarkewolfeDarkewolfe Registered User regular
Not sure how to repro this, and it isn't particularly problematic, but I figured I'd post it since I saw it.

I quoted someone at the end of page 40, after the first post of page 41 had been created. When I responded, my post displayed to me as being at the end of page 40, prior to the TOTP (and only) post on page 41. When I went back to the forum and into the thread, the forum corrected the placement of my post.

What is this I don't even.
Darkewolfe on


  • DarianDarian Yellow Wizard The PitRegistered User regular
    That's just a display thing; doesn't matter what page you quote or reply on, it will immediately display the reply at the bottom of the currently-view page. In reality, the post is always in the proper location, as you see when you refresh the page (your post will disappear) or go to the last page of the thread.

    This probably belongs in the Vanilla Forum bugs section, instead of here.

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