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[League of Legends] Of Yordles, Suppordles and Sort-of-Yordles



  • interrobanginterrobang kawaii as  hellRegistered User regular
    Goumindong wrote: »
    But which one do they get first IB?

    depends on the champ, but even champs who want to rush IE first will pick up a vamp scepter before laning phase is over

  • programjunkieprogramjunkie Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    The three keys to eliminating 0 CS support is:

    - Increase passive gp5 and reduce last hitting gold a bit, so that regardless of what happens, some AD gold is effectively transferred to the support. Still technically 0 CS, but it will play differently.

    - Make supports need items more. Soraka adding 5/10/15/20/25 Armor + 1 armor per 10 AP (hypothetical numbers, not final balance), for example, would make it more worthwhile to give her a party hat.

    - Encourage anti-auto attack itemization. I'd increase the size of the aura from Frozen Heart, and change Thornmail to true damage for a start. To help alleviate FH/thorn spam, I'd add in another item like madreds to allow AD to mess around with how they do damage.

    Some combination of the above is what is needed.
    For that matter, how is bloodthirster an "affront to game balance"? By the time you buy one, the laning phase is almost certainly over.

    It's still a bit too good for the entire game, and it counters the thornmail passive pretty well.

    programjunkie on
    Wicked Demiurge in most games. Solacus is my main in GW2.
  • BurnageBurnage Registered User regular
    On the support topic, I'm not sure if my normal ELO is terrible or something but I've actually been seeing a lot of unusual supports recently. My last game I was laning against a support Warwick (which didn't work at all) and the game before that I was facing a support Lee Sin (which kind of did).

    Hell, I'm even seeing support Nidalee more frequently than Sona, Soraka, or Janna.

  • ChaosHatChaosHat Registered User regular

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  • DisruptorX2DisruptorX2 Registered User regular
    Without bloodthirster, people would simply not play carries who rely on it and you'd see even more Caits and Kogs. How horrifying.

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