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Acrylics, oils and varnish. Let's do this.

nyuoobnyuoob Registered User
edited March 2012 in Artist's Corner
It's been about 2 years since I've painted, had to use an effect on my camera as the lighting was shiiiit, but the contrast is the same in real.
I hope she's not too cliché, I can't tell anymore.


nyuoob on


  • Arden CaneloArden Canelo Registered User regular
    Is that the whole painting or is there more to it? As far as cliche goes I don't think a portrait of a long haired girl with red lips is too far into cliche-sville.

  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    looks very good, and I can imagine the real thing looks way better. And as far as clichés go, dont worry, everything has been already done twice, so just get that thought out of your head and paint what you feel like.

  • nyuoobnyuoob Registered User
    That's the whole thing bar a wee bit round the edge. My plan is, if you make it textured and accurate enough the cliché won't matter. Been watching a lot of Agnes Cecile videos - She is inspiration embodied.

  • nyuoobnyuoob Registered User
    Started this today, having trouble with it, any suggestions? Again, apologies on the quality of the picture.


  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    Looking at your previous work, I think that it will have a very happy ending. Out of curiosity, did you use reference on the first painting? and how about this one?

    The only thing I have to say, is that it would be good to see a diferent angle, instead of the 3/4 profile, or profile, or full frontal.

    Regarding this specific latest piece, you dont seem to be keeping as many white spots for highlights as the previous ones, if that is the case, maybe stronger values for the darker parts would give it more dramatism. Again, if its referenced it would be nice to see the reference.

    PS: I love how its looking so far btw.

  • nyuoobnyuoob Registered User
    I didn't use a reference, although for the second one I have been trying to find something to help.
    I agree about the angles, need to brush up on my anatomy first.

  • nyuoobnyuoob Registered User
    That last one was a complete write-off and has subsequently been destroyed. This one however, isn't quite finished, but figured I'd get a few more suggestions before I go right ahead and ruin her.
    Her neck definitely hasn't been finished, I need to tidy a few things up.


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