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Good making ofs?

ErzbergerErzberger Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Debate and/or Discourse
I really like the bonus material on DVDs and Blurays. I love to see how movies were made, why the casting choices were made, etc etc.

But most making ofs are soo bad. It´s just the standard wankery over and over again. So I´m looking for the exceptions. I like the stuff Robert Rodriguez packs on his releases. And Iron Man 1+2 is the blockbuster exception of having a good making of (which cannot be said about the other Marvel flicks).

So, do you like this stuff, and if so, which one´s did you particularly enjoy?

Erzberger on


  • Nova_CNova_C I have the need The need for speedRegistered User regular
    I enjoyed the making of How To Train Your Dragon. Most animated films have very few clips of the voice actors at work and it's my favorite special feature to watch. How To Train Your Dragon had some great stuff with the actors.

    My least favorite is probably Terminator 2's Ultimate Edition DVD. The most boring 6 hours of special features ever. :/

  • Captain TragedyCaptain Tragedy Registered User regular
    Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, about the making of Apocalypse Now, is really fantastic, though it's more of a standalone feature documentary that a DVD extra.

  • ErzbergerErzberger Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    Nova_C wrote: »

    My least favorite is probably Terminator 2's Ultimate Edition DVD. The most boring 6 hours of special features ever. :/

    Heh. Yeah, I bought that one, too (some 2-3 years ago). I was so disappointed.

    Erzberger on
  • RandomEngyRandomEngy Registered User regular
    Under Pressure: Making of The Abyss was quality. They got these huge multi-million gallon tanks from an abandoned nuclear reactor and put a bunch of black floating pellets on it to get the lighting right. It's widely considered to have the most difficult underwater filming ever. And they actually filmed a mouse breathing liquid for that demonstration scene.

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  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Seconding the Making of The Abyss as being really entertaining.

    I don't know if it's really a DVD bonus, but I think the Blu-Ray of Jaws has the hour long special on the making of, which is really entertaining to see what all went wrong that almost cost a lot of people their careers in the process.

    The 1.5 hour special on the making of the Original Star Wars Trilogy is fantastic. It's got a lot of great concept art and information about problems filming.

    Yeah the only interesting thing about the Terminator 2 stuff was the scene where they used Linda Hamiltons twin for that cool mirror camera angle shot. That was pretty slick.

    I generally enjoy the commentary on Kevin Smith movies, but honestly if you've been listening to his podcast over the last couple years or seen his stand up Q&A specials then you've probably already heard anything you'll hear on the DVD's

    This is a documentary more than a special bonus, but the Pixar story on Netflix Instant Watch is one of the best things you'll ever see.

    Arch wrote: »

    I never expected this burn from captain bushmeat
  • ThirithThirith Registered User regular
    The appendices on the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions are amazing.

    Lost in La Mancha is a great, sad 'un-making of', based on Terry Gilliam's abandoned Don Quixote film.

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  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    The making-of stuff that was included with the Indiana Jones DVDs was pretty good, as I recall. I remember thinking that the sound one wasn't going to be super-interested and it ended up being incredible (Indy's gun sounds so much louder because it's a cannon, they spent hours rolling boulders down a mountain for the beginning of Raiders and ended up using the sound of their car coasting downhill with the engine off)

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  • enc0reenc0re Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    It's not a 'making of,' but I enjoy the director's commentary to Sum of all Fears. It's basically Tom Clancy being a huge dick to the director. Excerpt from memory:
    Clancy: What is that supposed to be, a missile or a torpedo?
    Director: A missile.
    Clancy: Wrong shape.
    Director: I mean a torpedo.
    Clancy: Wrong shape.
    Director: Hey, that's not fair!

    enc0re on
  • mere_immortalmere_immortal So tasty!Registered User regular
    Yeah the special edition Lord of the Rings ones are great.

    They cover pretty much every part of production.

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  • useless4useless4 Registered User regular
    Get the one on the dark crystal dvd. Excellent excellent look at all that it takes to make a muppet movie.

  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    The behind-the-scenes featurettes for the Alien Quadrilogy set are fantastic. Hell, the behind-the-scenes of Alien Resurrection are more entertaining than the actual film.

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  • PodlyPodly you unzipped me! it's all coming back! i don't like it!Registered User regular
    Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse, about the making of Apocalypse Now, is really fantastic, though it's more of a standalone feature documentary that a DVD extra.


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  • DelinatorDelinator Registered User regular
    The making of on the Tintin BluRay is excellent.

  • BogartBogart I Will Cure You Registered User, Moderator mod
    Shaun of the Dead had a fantastic piece where Pegg and Wright go through the plot on a giant flip-chart they made before filming, allowing you to compare what they intended with what made it on to screen.

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