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Car Accident: Fled the Scene (Solved, lock please. Thanks!)

Actinguy1Actinguy1 Registered User regular
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Greetings, super friends!

My wife just called me from work. She said she fell asleep behind the wheel and was in a car accident. She's completely fine, and no one else was involved in the accident, but the car is pretty scraped up. If I understand her correctly, she sideswiped the wall of the underside of an overpass. She says the right side of her car is scraped pretty badly, and the passenger side door won't open. I haven't gone to see the car yet, but I had almost the exact same thing happen to me about ten years ago, so I can imagine the damage.

Of course we are insured, so this would all be pretty straight forward...except she called me from work. In other words, in her panic, she drove away from the scene of the accident.

She's a nurse, so I could play it off as she had to get to her patients, etc...or should I reconstruct the accident after she's done at work and then call? That doesn't seem like the right answer, and almost certainly illegal, so what should I do?


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    LibrarianLibrarian The face of liberal fascism Registered User regular
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    I am not familiar with US law, but I think if no other cars or persons were involved this does not qualify as "fled the scene".
    I assume there is no lasting damage to the overpass and I don't think police would be happy to get called for something like this.
    I don't know what insurance will do in this case though.

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    Actinguy1Actinguy1 Registered User regular
    Thanks! I ended up calling my dad, who's a pretty smart dude. He said the same thing you need to call police, just report asap to insurance. I did so, and they didn't give us any hassle. Seems like an open and shut case then, so this thread can be locked. Thanks again!

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    MushroomStickMushroomStick Registered User regular
    In Illinois, you still need an accident report if there is something like $1500 or more in damage, perhaps other states have similar requirements.

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