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Video Card woes

SentrySentry Registered User regular
Yes, woes. Worse then unnui, not as bad as angst, but woes indeed.

I built a new system in February, including a new one of these: XFX Radeon 6870.
Two days ago I installed the newest drivers for it and suddenly everything went to hell. Now the screen shakes, or does this:

When I reinstall the driver it might fix it for a bit, but after the system goes to sleep it will all go to hell again.
Is my two month old card borked?

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  • kazanmakazanma Registered User regular
    Did you ever solve this problem?

    When you say you reinstalled the driver, do you mean you reinstalled the latest driver? If so, have you tried rolling back to the last driver you used? Are there any hotkeys you can set up to redetect displays or change resolution while the screen is messed up? You could also try unplugging/replugging the monitor cable while the display is messed up.

    I can't think of anything else to try at the moment. Most Google results are for displays that are blank after waking from sleep, not corrupted ones.

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