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So, I'm kind of new to the PA forums, but a friend and I were talking about organizing a knitalong now that PAX East is done, with the intent of having it finished in time to romp around at Prime. Yes, romp, as the pattern is Max (Queen of the Wild Things)! It's a free pattern, though it does require a Ravelry account (also free).

We've got an IRC channel set up on Slashnet, #pax_kal, and would love to have you join us! The pattern says it's for "brave intermediate", but I'm pretty sure that between the lot of us (however many there end up being), we can work through it.

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    Please, read the rules.

    4 ) Avoid Erroneous New Topics
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    The Chat thread
    The Questions/Discussion Thread
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    The Doodle Thread can be identified by the word 'Doodle' worked into it's title somewhere, and like the Q/D thread, it is always sticked. The Chat Thread can be found by indentifying the thread with "CHAT" in the title. It usually hovers near the top of the page.

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