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The Universe: New 4x browser MMO has started development

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I, and my friend (both Danish in nature and spirit, as in 'from Denmark'), has started developing a new MMO browser game, bringing together the different types of gameplay found in Civilization, SimCity, Transport Tycoon and other 4X-style games, but differ by being Massively-Multiplayer Online in one Persistent Universe, as well as having an insanely large Technology Tree.
Players are urged to specialize to create a premium product to trade with other players and are expected to create the services and products needed by other players.
Play casually or delve into micromanagement to get ahead. Be a political power or research your heart out. Build a company and sell it for profit later.

As with other browser games, micro-payments will be implemented, but having played other browser games and quickly hitting their limitations for free players, we decided not to have limits for free players. The free players will be able to experience everything that paying players do, albeit with more work to get the necessary cash to get to the "same point".
Micro-payments will ONLY give a player more in-game-cash. No "special coins to purchase special things" nor "instant production".
Just cash in the game. Nothing else.
Extra cash can help with production by paying workers extra to perform extra, or by hiring extra workers, or both. But there will be no "instant production".

Another difference will be the ability to purchase technologies (and basically anything that another player has produced) from other players. If you have the cash, and someone is willing to sell, you can buy it.

The game starts in the middle ages and continues to the space age, which itself will be layered based on technological advancements.
Spacefaring players will be able to visit, trade with and conquer non-spacefaring players, but conquering a people requires extra work to maintain a captured planet/area, as you'd need someone to watch over them, or they rebel and gain freedom, or worse, hire some other stronger players to whoop your ass!

In general: Money makes The Universe go around...

Link to Indiegogo-campaign, which also has an explanation of what the game is: [edit] nope

Link to Facebook-page: [edit] nope

Link to official website: [edit] nope

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