I confirmed my email, but it doesn't work, why?

CrazyEthanCrazyEthan Registered User new member
I changed my e-mail address for my account several days ago, and then I saw a link guiding me to confirm it, and I did it and got a success message. However my account's status is always 'Awaiting e-mail confirmation' and not capable of posting.

I had to make this account for pointing this out, which I know is against the rules of PA, but I couldn't post my problem with my account and wasn't getting any responses from the people I e-mailed, so I had to make this account to post this, and this is the only post I careated with this accountt. Feel free to ban this account when the problem is fixed.

My main account is CoS_Ethan, hope that you guys can help me fix it. Thanks.

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    TubeTube Registered User admin
    It should be fixed now

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