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Help me find a comic I forgot the name of

false_idolfalse_idol Registered User
edited April 2012 in Graphic Violence
Sorry that I can't be very helpful in my recollection of the graphic novel, but I really enjoyed it and my google searches for it have been unsuccessful, so hopefully somebody on here has read it and can get the title at me:

basically it's about a first generation Japanese-American, he has a transplant Japanese girlfriend, and its a pretty thick book with each chapter basically as a standalone short-story about his misadventures. The adventures are very stylized and modeled from anime/manga, except very exaggerated and metaphoric. In the first one, there is a giant monster that invades his town and captures his girlfriend, and he has to rescue her from it. In another, he has to fight a group of ninja assassins at the opera house. And in another story he and his boss (a sushi chef) go on a fishing trip to catch a colossal mythic fish.

Hopefully that is enough information for somebody who has read it to point me in the right direction.

false_idol on


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