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Slow, dark, instrumental music

FlayFlay Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey guys, I'm looking for some music to use as background music for an animation I'm working on for university, based on Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'. Although I can find stuff that's close, I can't quite find exactly what I'm looking for. This is the best example I can give:

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    The beginning's not too far off (perhaps a little less ambient) but the drums interrupt a bit too soon.

    EDIT: More near misses

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  • saltinesssaltiness Registered User regular
    Some bands to try:

    Explosions in the Sky
    Red Sparowes
    Do Make Say Think

    XBL: heavenkils
  • GriswoldGriswold (a superset of all possible mathematics) (his body disintegrated)Registered User regular

    i'd take a look at some of tool's and nine inch nails' deeper tracks

    tool, disposition:

    nine inch nails, lights in the sky:

    or taking a slightly different tack, some of the darker/more ambient square rpg tracks

    ff6, world of ruin:

    chrono cross, dead sea:

    ff7, the great northern cave: Snowcrash#1873
    Path of Exile: snowcrash7
  • NappuccinoNappuccino Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Something by Grails maybe?

    Murder by Death has one that may work

    Oh, check out some of the early Silver Mt. Zion records. They're a side project of Godspeed.

    Nappuccino on
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    Rorus Raz wrote: »
    There's also the possibility you just can't really grow a bear like other guys.

    Not even BEAR vaginas can defeat me!
    cakemikz wrote: »
    And then I rub actual cake on myself.
    Loomdun wrote: »
    thats why you have chest helmets
  • schussschuss Registered User regular
    Russian circles may be good as well

  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist Registered User regular
    Laura Palmer's theme:

  • Natas_XnoybisNatas_Xnoybis Registered User regular
    russian circles
    red sparows
    Isis (has vocals but they have very extended sections with no vocals)
    Jesu (vocals but tracks without, and very long instrumental sections)
    Explosions in the sky (though if you listen to godspeed I am sure you are familier with these folks)

    something that I always recommend when people ask about dark feeling stuff is Samuel's Era 1 and Magic, a 2cd album that is vastly different from their normal stuff:

    OR something very different look for Dark Tranquility album closers, recently they have been doing amazing outros like the following (even if this is not at all what you are looking for, this is an amazing song)

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  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    saltiness: A couple there I've been looking at, and several I haven't. These are all really good suggestions!

    Griswold: I don't know why I didn't think of Nine Inch Nails earlier, thanks for reminding me!

    Napp: Grails is also very, very close, a few songs of theirs are in the running for the winner. Also holy shit Murder By Death are in Australia.

    schuss: That song not so much, but some of their other stuff might fit.

    DisruptedCapitalist: The tone is right, but the synths don't fit the feel that I'm going for.

    Natas: Really good Suggestions! Again I've been browsing through a couple of these but there are several there I haven't heard at all.

    I'll give all of these a good listen, cheers everyone! Don't let me stop you if you have more suggestions, though.

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  • NappuccinoNappuccino Registered User regular
    Glad I got you something super close! I'll keep mulling over my music and see if something else pops up.

    Also, I hate to break it to you, but MBD had to cancel their Australia tour... I'll send you a PM with the details since it isn't exactly on topic.

    Like to write? Want to get e-published? Give us a look-see at
    Rorus Raz wrote: »
    There's also the possibility you just can't really grow a bear like other guys.

    Not even BEAR vaginas can defeat me!
    cakemikz wrote: »
    And then I rub actual cake on myself.
    Loomdun wrote: »
    thats why you have chest helmets
  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Damnit. I thought it was too good to be true.

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  • The EnderThe Ender Registered User regular
    With Love and Courage
  • EupfhoriaEupfhoria Registered User regular
    unless I missed it, I don't think anyone has mentioned The Fountain soundtrack yet. That would be my pick

  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    Ender: Cool, did you write that yourself? It's not quite the tone that I need, but I like it.

    Eupfhoria: Yes! Lots of good stuff, thanks.

  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    Slowest, darkest:

    Steam: Mike Danger | PSN/NNID: remadeking | 3DS: 2079-9204-4075
  • CantidoCantido Registered User regular
    Amon Tobin

    Like... damn near everything he does.

    3DS Friendcode 5413-1311-3767
  • Registered User
    here's some stuff; last one's very ambient.

    NB: Has chorus/choir but subtle not profound and overrunning the instruments

  • FlayFlay Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Cheers guys! :D

    Flay on
  • RaekreuRaekreu Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Someone mentioned NIN earlier in the thread and I just happened to be listening to this:

    EDIT: Also, as this is a vidya games forum:

    Raekreu on
  • TinTin Registered User
    I know that people mentioned NIN already, but look into the ghosts IV album, it's nothing but instrumental tracks.

  • kaliyamakaliyama Registered User regular
    just keep listening to godspeed till you find the track you need.

  • RT800RT800 Registered User regular
    edited April 2012

    RT800 on
  • HewnHewn Registered User regular
    Not sure you want to go too industrial if the theme is The Road. The film has a really stunning soundtrack that might point you in the correct direction, specifically they went with a more folk sound with the violin. And it wasn't all gloom and doom. Sometimes it was downright pretty.

    Have you thought about how something like this might contrast with your animation?

    I only throw this out since you already have a million great suggestions that would be my answer. Mogwai and Godspeed have to have something you're looking for. Or the Ghosts album, for sure.

    Steam: hewn
    Warframe: TheBaconDwarf
  • VegemyteVegemyte Registered User regular

    And then everything else off of Ambient 4!

  • Psychotic OnePsychotic One The Lord of No Pants Parts UnknownRegistered User regular
    Maybe check out OCRemix and see if theres something up your alley. The Darkside of Phobos album has some tracks that might work for you. I've always been fond of this one myself

  • SheepSheep Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular

  • BeckBeck Registered User
    Yeah Earth/Sunn definitely rule for this.

    Try out The Soft Moon, too

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