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[OOC] Dresden Files RPG: Las Vegas: Glitz and Glamo(u)r - Roster picked, IC thread Soon



  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    No ideas so far, but generally stuff looks good. It does seem overly gloomy, though—there doesn't seem to be much good in the city, just various kinds of self-interest and manipulation.

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    There's good to be found, sure. It's just subdued.

    It's Vegas. Self-interest and manipulation are the names of the game. And they are so much more flashy then selflessness and honest dealings.

    Any lasting good is going to have to be a direct result of the group's actions. There's a lot of momentum and interest in maintaining the status quo.

    destroyah87 on
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    I guess, but it would be nice to have NPCs who guard the people of Las Vegas. Or will that be more a matter of being introduced to them when we start playing?

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    There's certainly meeting people like that in play as a possibility. Don't forget, the Dresdenverse at this point in the story isn't exactly a nice place. The war with the red court has been going on for years and shows no sign of a winner. With the two big powers occupied with each other, all sorts of small fish are getting delusions of grandeur.

    I'm not saying there isnt still good to be found, just that it doesn't tend to take the form of the 'costumed do-gooder.' there will be people doing good work but it won't be flashy. I don't want to upstage the PC's, for one.

    Keep in mind though, that a large portion of people in power have nothing against protecting people. Just Their People.

    A mob boss running a casino would protect his employees, favored customers, and anyone using his facilities.

    I picture the Dresden Files Vegas Strip as evoking the feel of a series of individual fiefdoms and countries. Each individual casino or resort has its own security and muscle. Any that are aware of the supernatural are definitely going to work this way. There are certainly alliances and mutual defense pacts. But, at the end of the day, you protect your people and your cash flow first.

    destroyah87 on
  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    as someone once said

    "vegas is a cake - a very pretty cake... but the cake is made of shit"

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    Sorry, I've been oncall all week for work, which really kills any motivation to work on roleplaying notes. Really kills my motavation to do anything except work and sleep.

    I'll see if I can make some time this weekend to get more done on Locations and Faces.

    Also waiting on Denada to finalize his character and aspects.

    This is all depandant on how much time I spend in Diablo 3, of course.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Shoot, I meant to get on that a lot sooner. Phases and other details coming soon.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Alright, got some work done on Jonah. Sheet is here:

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    lookin good there, i love jonah as a character

    sorry for the delays guys, diablo 3 is a harsh mistress but the initial frenzy is dying down so i think this should get rolling soon

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Yeah, the more I write about him the more I'm liking him.

    So at what point do we want to start mixing our stories for the last three phases? If I'm understanding the book, we should all have one story that we star in (Phase 3) and two stories that we guest star in (Phases 4 and 5). Is that right?

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    aye, this is correct; as it is in the book, basically phases 4 and 5 are you guest starring in two other characters' phase 3s

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    Ok, Phase 4 is going to be a character guest starring in another's phase 3.

    I would like to have phase 5 be a story seperate from the phase 3 solo adentures that involves all three characters.
    However, there is the course the book suggests, to have the the phase 5 aspect simply come from appearing and affecting the other party member's phase 3.

    Taking that route would result in each player playing a part in each of the other two's phase 3.

  • SakutianSakutian Registered User regular
    I'm just going to throw tis out there in case you ever need a guest character.

    Character Name: Charles "Charlie" Brant
    Template: Pure Mortal
    Musts: None
    High Concept: Fire Marshal
    Trouble: World's Greatest Dad
    Phase 1: Up in Smoke
    Phase 2: Mob Vendetta
    Phase 3: A Real Pain in the Neck
    Phase 4
    Phase 5

    Background/ Where Did You Come From?

    Born and raised in Las Vegas Charlie fell in with a gang in his neighborhood at a young age much to the displeasure of his parents. He and his father, a Las Vegas police officer, were often at odds. When he returned home after sneaking out one night to see his friends Charlie found his home ablaze. Firefighters were forced to restrain him as he watched his house burn to the ground with his family inside.

    Rising Conflict

    Left with nowhere else to go Charlie became a ward of the state and was bounced between several foster homes until he turned eighteen. Determined to prove that his parent's deaths had not been accidental Charlie trained to become a fire marshal so that he could investigate their case himself. Eventually he realized that the fire marshal who had investigated the case had tampered with evidence and he confronted him. The fire marshal revealed that he'd been paid off by the mob then he tried to kill him and destroy his proof but Charlie managed to overpower him.

    What Was Your First Adventure?

    When a series of unexplained fires leave half a dozen buildings in ruins Charlie sets up to bring whoever is responsible to justice. However he quickly realizes that he might be in over his head when his suspect turns in a monster and starts shooting fireballs from his fingertips. With a war brewing between the Red Court and the Las Vegas mob Charlie may end up caught in the crossfire.

    Whose Path Have You Crossed?
    Who Else's Path Have You Crossed?

    Superb: Scholarship, Conviction
    Great: Investigation, Endurance
    Good: Athletics, Discipline
    Fair: Fists, Guns, Craftsmanship
    Average: Deceit, Driving, Intimidation, Might, Resources

    Mortal Stunts

    Demolitions Training
    Scene of the Crime
    Bend and Break
    During his time in a gang Charlie learned how to use his bare fists to do the most damage. Once per scene increase the damage of a succesful Fist blow by +1.

    Stress and Consequences
    Mental ooooo
    Physical oooo
    Social oo

    Refresh Level 12
    Refresh Spent 4
    Current FP 8

    My Games

    Dresden Files RPG- Dumb Luck

    Playing Phillip Hess in Motor City Blues

    GM of M&M "And Justice For All."
    GM of Dresden Files Low Life
    GM of Star Wars Sagas Into the Unknown
    GM of Star Wars Sagas Lost Hope- Concluded
    GM of Star Wars Sagas the Dark Times- Concluded.
    GM of Star Wars Sagas Jabba's Palace- Concluded due to injury.
    Bart Allen/ The Flash in M&M Metropolis- Concluded.
    Koyi Disturbances in the Force- Concluded.
    Jessup Owlbeard Forge of the Dawn Titan- Withdrawn due to injury.
    Sal Mander In the Shadow of Zeus- Concluded.
    Zevoto in Out in the Black- Withdrawn due to injury.
    GM of Wyvern Watch
    Berru Secune in Rise of the Jedi
  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    Ok guys. Time to get this off the ground. I've done a lot of work on the faces to go with the locations. links are (still) in the OP.

    Our three players need their last two aspects.

    Phase 4 (The Guest Star): Here's what I'm thinking.

    Roxanne Chandler appearing in Jonah's Phase 3.
    Jennifer Silva appearing in Roxanne's Phase 3.
    Jonah "JJ" Jones appearing in Jennifer's Phase 3.

    Phase 5 (The big team-up):

    I'm thinking maybe the Mexican Mafia is trying to muscle in on the Vegas Families and Roxanne gets called in cause of some mystical hoodoo. Then Jonah could become involved because of previous encounters with either/both crime syndicates. Dunno how Jennifer would fit in easily, without playing the Adria Changeling Fae card again.

    Share your thoughts here. Let's start brainstorming.

    destroyah87 on
  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    Making new post (double post, gasp) cause dis be Portant.

    I now it's not been a full day, but I expected something from somebody in that time.

    As I do want to get this game started before July (procrastination is my fault, I know, I know. Shut up Arc)

    Seriously, I would like to get this game started by the 15th, if at all possible.
    So if I don't hear from a player by the midnight Friday (00:00 6-9-12). I'll reopen the roster and let somebody else have a go.

    I think this is more then fair. Plus I really don't want to add this to the list of still-born Dresden games on these forums.

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    I just haven't had any good ideas yet. IRC would be better for collaboration.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Jonah's Phase 3 is wide open for Roxanne's participation. My main idea is that he decided to try the whole superhero thing and went looking for someone to save. He found a guy getting held up in an alley and moved to intervene. He worked some juju, added some theatrics that he picked up in the cirque, and scared the ever-loving crap out of the mugger.

    Jonah was feeling pretty good about himself, but it turns out what he stopped wasn't a mugging. It was a mob hit that was supposed to look like a mugging. So in one move he gets himself noticed by the Vegas mafia for interfering with business, and the White Council for suddenly being a practitioner that they didn't know about.

    Naturally, the plot thickens. Turns out the Red Court is involved, and they've been running a human trafficking ring right under the mafia's nose. Jonah finds himself having to set things right with the mob, clear his name with the White Council, and avoid being hunted by the Red Court, all three of which he had no idea even existed before he decided to up and be a hero.

    I'm down for an IRC session to brainstorm. I'm in California, so I'm on PST for figuring out times.

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    There's a minor blight in Las Vegas, and it's affecting Jennifer's plants the worst. She uses every remedy in the book to alleviate it, since it's critical that the garden look good and that her products be appealing to businessmen amenable to going green, but nothing seems to do much good.

    And then I guess she investigates (with someone's help) and pokes someone in the eye with her green thumb (although the aspect won't be related to plants at all).

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    Okay, I'm thinking "We're In This Together": she believes strongly in team effort and communal action, and she's very good at working with people—less effective by herself (though for her, plants are enough to provide a sense of company), and she calls for help when she could probably still manage by herself. Sort of the opposite of being stubborn, I guess.

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    i work all week til at least 10:30 eastern

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    I'm on-call for my job until friday morning. When this happens I get to sleep early to be rested if I get paged. Also, time passes very quickly if I'm asleep.

    I might be on at 8 eastern. But it wouldn't be for more then an hour or hour and a half. Depends on what's going on.

    destroyah87 on
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    I think so. I'm busy from 5pm to 7ish on Saturday (I think that's 8 to 10ish eastern?) but other than that I can probably make something work.

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    i work all night Saturday and tbh I have no problem collaborating over pm

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    Does 4 eastern work for you, Denada and destroyah?

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    It looks like I'm actually going to be busy most of Saturday now. I could do something on Sunday probably, somewhere around 5 - 6 eastern.

    I'm also fine with just hashing things out in the thread. I have some thoughts about Jennifer's phase 3 that I'll post later.

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    ignore me.

    l2 timezones.

    destroyah87 on
  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
    Eastern is one ahead not behind

  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Well I meant to post a couple days ago, but the weekend was much busier than I intended.

    Anyway, Jennifer's phase 3. I'm thinking that this blight affecting her gardens was the work of some kind of supernatural bad thing, which Jonah saw during one of his I'm-going-to-try-to-be-a-superhero outings. Anyway, through some series of events, he swoops in and tries to rescue Jennifer from something, realizes that she's not exactly in need of rescue, and ends up getting rescued by her. After some witty banter they decide to team up to break into whatever underground warehouse is housing the blight-making thing to put a stop to it, which they do.

  • destroyah87destroyah87 Registered User regular
    I like it.

    Basically describing a rust monster only with plants instead of metal. heh. Maybe a nature spirit trying to correct the 'imbalance' of all the imported plants in Vegas. Manifesting as a blight affecting most every type of plant. Probably the final fight would be fighting a full manifestation of the beastie. Evil treebeard is the first image that comes to mind. :)

    From your descriptions I see Jonah as trying to play the Zorro, successfully or not. Is that what you're going for?

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Yeah, basically. I'm envisioning Jonah as a guy who views his life through the lens of all the comic books, movies, and cartoons he grew up on while his parents were busy being acrobats. In his mind, his magic powers are super powers, and he wants to use them to be a superhero to make up for his past. He's just not particularly good at it (yet).

    I'm thinking Jonah's aspect from Jennifer's Phase 3 could be "I Need A Hero", describing both his desire to be a hero and save people, and his tendency to get in over his head and need saving.

  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
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