Ubuntu 11.10 has problems with my android phone. File Copy doesn't work properly

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So, I have ubuntu 11.10 in a dual boot configuration on my dell xps m 1530.

In Windows 7 , connecting the phone via third-party docking station and selecting "usb mode" works perfectly fine, I can copy stuff to and from the device as much as I want, and the connection stays stable even over night.
But in Ubuntu, the USB connection is extremely wonky. I can connect it, the device is auto-mounted, and I can start a file copy perfectly fine.

But somewhere near the end, the process stops (usually at 99%), and the file copy dialog just stays there. If I forcefully disconnect the phone, the file seems fine, but I can never copy a second file.
Any idea why this is and how I can fix it?

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    zeenyzeeny Registered User regular
    You sure you don't have *the* bug? USB copy dialog on ubuntu has been broken for about 10 years now. They will never fix it. Dialog indicator is miles ahead of the actual copy speed, especially if you are copying files larger than several MB's.
    Give it extra time, let it sit @ 99%.....like fine wine. ;o/

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    autono-wally, erotibot300autono-wally, erotibot300 love machine Registered User regular
    Will do, thanks. Or use console :P

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