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Residential VOIP service?

ThanatosThanatos Registered User regular
My parents are paying $50 a month for a landline. Is there a good residential VOIP service I can get them over to? I Googled it, but they all look shady. Recommendations?

Thanatos on


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    mcdermottmcdermott Registered User regular
    Their ISP doesn't offer anything?

    If you're willing to do a little legwork, I'm pretty sure you can setup Google Voice through standard SIP adapter using some third-party options.

    Also, most of your Vonage-type options are a bit shady. Not so much in the "run by Russian mobsters" sense, but from everything I've ever heard they will often try to ding you with crazy hidden fees and other user-agreement shenanigans.

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    ThanatosThanatos Registered User regular
    Comcast says that phone isn't available in their area.

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