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[Mechwarrior Online] Reactor online. Sensors online. Weapons online. All systems nominal.

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So this game is coming out, soon even! You might have seen this trailer from a few years ago,

But then some stupid shit happened and the game got delayed a bunch. Now it's coming out though! It's scheduled for release on July 19th and the first wave of closed beta invites were sent out today. You can still sign up to try and get in the closed beta if you go create an account at and fill out a beta registration. The game is going to be free to play so all of you should try it, even if it causes your cardboard box to burst into flames.

I'm just excited that a new Mechwarrior game is coming out after the series has been dead for nearly a decade (and the most recent incarnations of the series (Mechassault) have been pretty much terrible regardless). I want to go stomp around in a giant mech and blow shit up.

Look at these, how can you not want to ride around in one of these



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