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Wireless Printing and You (Er, me.)

maximumzeromaximumzero I...wait, what?New Orleans, LARegistered User regular
Okay here's the deal. My sister's got a Epson Photo Stylus 1400 that she used to print to from her iMac wirelessly via an Airport Express. The Airport Express recently died, so she has no way to print to the thing. Most of the wireless print servers I'm finding are over the cost of a new Airport Express, so am I looking for the wrong thing or is there a sub-$99 alternative that she can use to print to her printer wireless over the network?

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  • punkpunk Professional Network Nerd Phoenix, AZRegistered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Eeeeaaagh...well, there's this list of USB 2.0 print servers that I pulled up on NewEgg. Your mileage may vary. I've heard horror stories about the little print servers; never used them myself. When I went networked for my printer, I picked up one that supported wired and wireless printing natively so I didn't have to muck with a stand-alone print server.

    Also, like the Airport Express, a lot of modern home/SOHO routers will have at least a USB 2.0 interface for file/print sharing.

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  • ben0207ben0207 Registered User regular
    Just get another Express.

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